POET PETER ORLOVSKY dies May 30, 2010 at 11:30 a.m. Vermont


Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky

“Make my grave shape of heart so like a flower to be free aired. . . “

Snail Poem, Peter Orlovsky, 1958 NYC, from Clean Asshole Poems & Smiling Vegetable Songs, Pocket Poet Series #37, City Lights Books, copyright Peter Orlovskly

Born in New York’s lower East Side on July 8, 1933, Orlovsky was known as the life-long companion of  Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, but was also a poet in his own right.

His poetry was included in anthologies and collected in the following:

Read Shambala Sun announcement and homage here.

Anne Waldman, On the Death of Peter Orlovsky: First glance hour earlier Peter was resting with “trach” in throat in orange sheets at the kind Vt Respite Center in Williston, Vermont (but no extra tubes/ heroic measures for this advanced cancer on his lung!), a copy of the Songs of Saraha by his pillow, photo of beloved Allen Ginsberg companion of many years on the wall, other Buddhist images, iPod of music he loved including chants by Buddhist nuns, cards from friends and out the window a bird feeder with finch and red-winged blackbirds landing/taking off. Chuck and Judith Lief, faithful guardians and friends at his side. He had been moved less than 48 hours earlier from intensive care at a hospital in Boston, finally to hospice. MORE

Photo credit ~ Herbert Rusche under CC SA 3.0 license


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