“WHEN DID YOU STOP BEING A POET?” Naomi Shihab Nye ~ the charm of and lesson in “One Boy Said”

I posted this video before – some time ago – and it’s  charming and worth another go-round just to remind us of how good we are at it when we are spontaneous and open to fancy, when we don’t try to write and edit at the same time. It reminds us too that like children, poets never stop being surprised by life. I love that Naomi’s little boy said, “Just think, no one has ever seen inside this peanut before.” Such is the wonder of poetic sensibility and vision. Link to Naomi Shihab Nye’s biography HERE and other poems HERE.


15 thoughts on ““WHEN DID YOU STOP BEING A POET?” Naomi Shihab Nye ~ the charm of and lesson in “One Boy Said”

  1. Thanks for introducing me to this writer. The video is charming, if only everyone wrote down those pricless remarks of children before their minds have been conditioned (educated). Enjoying your poems Jamie. I read somewhere you just had a birthday (a happy one I hope) you must be an aquarian also I guess 🙂


  2. I listened to this the other day, I thought I left a comment, but I guess my mind is all over the place. I haven’t heard about this writer. Discovering poetry late in life involves a lot of catching up …
    On the other hand, having read and enjoyed your writing for the past couple of years, “I remember you and the amber moon” goes to the list of my favorite from you!
    Blessings and wishes for a good day!


  3. it is wonderful indeed. I have so enjoyed your poems this week, Jamie. yes, as always, but since I only get to comment once a week on a non-poem, it’s worth mentioning again. Thanks too for your visits.


  4. I remember reading her ‘Habibi’ for the Arab American Literature course in the University. Wonderful poet and writer. I take it that you’ve read her collection of poems ‘Fuel’. Marvelous.


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