butterflies battling the wind

1385915381i0p98like butterfies battling the wind, these ~
the quiet afternoons pulsing peace,
Bach on the radio, sustenance simmering
on the stove of my tranquility, the days
chasing night, the nights chasing day,
rhythms caressing my face, love-bites
armouring the leg of my being, heart
beating at one with the sighing ocean
and only gratitude for the gift of life,
no longer scandalized by the news of
death, baptism into heaven, whatever
that may be, but the reports center on
confusion, Kiev, Syria, Afghanistan

easy to foment flash-points for horror,
even easier to forget just how sweet it is
to breathe with the moon and sun and
to grow with trees bending in the storms,
obeisance to the seas and sky and
living on the edge of eternity, time to
give it up, to give-up strife for Lent . . .
to never pick it up again, moved only
by the gentle breeze of butterfly wings,
color and transport for the hungry heart

© 2014, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved; photo courtesy of morgueFile


11 Comments on “butterflies battling the wind

  1. Just beautiful…. it is so easy to forget the things we should not… and to remember the baggage better left behind – yet constantly thrown at us.
    Thank you for this gem.


  2. Hi Jamie,

    As always you bring up such beautiful visions through your poetry. What jumped out at me were these lines,

    “obeisance to the seas and sky and
    living on the edge of eternity, time to
    give it up, to give-up strife for lent . . .”

    But is there really any time to “give it up’? A butterfly, just like any other God’s creation, is the ‘Being’ in being a butterfly. Can being while we live allow us to give it up?



    • I think we can choose who to be and can opt for the peace of a butterfly. 🙂 Thanks, Shakti, for your visit and your thoughtful comment.


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