the good housekeeper

423px-Good_housekeeping_1908_08_aat sunrise with its shmears of
cream cheese clouds against
the quince-colored morning light,
Mrs. Goldberg is out of bed ~
a military tactician in war-time
no dust-bunny is safe, every
grease spot enzyme-bombed
out of existence, the wash thrashed by
machine, then hanged or folded, put in place,
her windows wiped, her floors scrubbed,
and woe betide wee crawling creatures,
so intent is Mrs. G on genocide

© 2014, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved
Illustration ~ in the U.S. public domain, a 1908 cover of Good Housekeeping magazine illustrated by John Cecil Clay (1975-1930), American illustrator


10 Comments on “the good housekeeper

  1. Oh, I do love this. A bit jealous of her, but she’s done enough for the both of us. It might damage the balance of the universe if I don’t sit back down for another cup of coffee and a cookie now.

    Nice work, yours I mean.


    • It’s books that distract me … and writing! Yikes! Don’t white-glove my place. And now coffee and cookie sounds good. I have no character.

      Glad you liked the poem.


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