AngeloupoemTHAT UNCAGED INSPIRATION, MAYA ANGELOU, has died leaving behind the rich legacy of a well-lived eighty-six years. Her last tweet posted on May 23 was, “Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.”

I particularly appreciated her May 11 tweet, “Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, the family and everyone you love and everyone who loves you.”

Bon voyage dear poet …

A little trivia for my San Francisco Bay Area friends: Dr. Angelou broke new ground here even as a young girl. She was SF’s first black female cable car driver.

The photo of Dr. Angelou is in the public domain

Suggested reading:

Maya Angelou celebrates 80 years of pain and joy – USA


  1. Another writer and poet (of many) that I wish I had got to know earlier in my life. But, hey, there is still plenty of time to get to know her, through her writings, of course :). Well done, Jamie


    1. We would hope so. However, that tweet was five days brfore she died and she wasn’t sick when she wrote it. Apparently the illness came on suddenly. She was preparing to do a presentation. It had to be canceled. I’m sure as the days pass more information will be forthcoming. In the end though, all we need to know is this: she was a gift and she left her gift behind. Many blessing to you, Genie. I hope life is treating you well.


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