asleep, awake

photo-20Asleep, I swing on a pendulum
caught between
heaven and earth
ecstasy and agony
love and fear

I breath and become air
I see and become earth
I hear and become song
I feel and become river

Asleep, I search for meaning
…..Uncertain there is any

The pendulum swings
…..My left side is pain
…..My right side is joy

Awake, the pendulum stills
…..The words cease

Not breathing, I am nothing
Not seeing, I am empty
Not hearing, I am silence
Not feeling, I am peace

“Gently, gently he whispered,
‘Be quiet,
the secret cannot be spoken,
it is wrapped in silence.’”
Rumi, Whispers of the Beloved, Translated by Mafi and Azima Malita Kolin

© 2014, poem and photograph, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved


16 Comments on “asleep, awake

    • Well, I think I must have failed with this one. To be empty of oneself is to be filled with Light. It would be a good thing. I’ll have to have another go at the poem or write another one. Thanks for your visit and for taking the time to comment, Victoria. Many blessings … I enjoyed your piece on Bardo today. Thank you! 🙂


  1. Dear Jamie,
    FB is remarkable for that. There are all the privacy issues which make me uncomfortable, but I just heard from someone I went to geology camp with in 1976, and was friended a couple of weeks ago by a cousin I haven’t seen since 1966.
    Thank you for starting my day out with poetry–quiet, thoughtful, and beautiful.


    • FB is a concern but also a good thing. Mixed blessing like so much in life. How wonderful that you found an old friend and a cousin. Thanks for popping by, Naomi, and for taking the time to comment. Many blessings and happy days …


    • Thank you, Paula. I am well, busy adjusting to my new place and getting to know the folks here … and absolutely thrilled about finding some long lost family through – believe it or not – Facebook. 🙂 I hope today finds you and yours well and that your isister is doing okay. xo


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