our wildness on the mirror of time

Jacaranda mimosifolia

Jacaranda mimosifolia

no mendacity in the natural world ~ just an
untamed grace in the meditative industry of ants,
in the peaceable company of small creatures
going about the business of food finding
and mating and homemaking in the loam of
this province, the republic of innocence

here is the soul-filling beauty of sun rising over
jacaranda as she paints her joy on a blue dawn;
robin with her russet-hued breast hunts for worms,
her instinctive motherhood proud of babies
the spar and scrap of nest life . . .  it is in this
the uncivil cosmos – that the gentle breezes

dance with us on our mud-caked travels along
ripening pathways through meadow and brush;
as the flaxen sun shifts from rise to fall,
our hearts beat with their ribbons of ruby life,
pulsing with ebbs and flows of love and fear ~
soon – we know –  clouds will gray with the

inevitable dark and shivered moon will show
her craggy depths, sooty with doubt and danger,
our earthiness projecting its own shadows;
still we trust nature’s homilies, content in this
province where we’re left to be ourselves, left to
write our own wildness on the mirror of time

How near to good is what is wild.” Henry David Thoreau

Today is Writers’ Fourth Wednesday. Please feel free to link in a work of yours for this event sponsored by The Bardo Group and hosted by Victoria C. Slotto. Details are HERE. Your participation would be most welcome

© 2013, poem and photograph, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved


9 thoughts on “our wildness on the mirror of time

    1. That’s exactly what it felt to write it, though there was some stuggle to get it out and get it where I want it … not exactly sure I’ve accomplished that yet. Thanks, Diane, for your visit and comment and the wonderful poem on your own blog.
      Many blessings,


  1. Loved this stroll through a garden with so much to offer in the way of scents, color, texture, shape and especially evoking a calmness..a pleasure to read.


  2. So beautiful and, no doubt, you know what Jacaranda’s do to me! I love how you incorporate color in this and, for me, there seems to be so much movement, aliveness, in the wonder of nature. The primordial artist !


    1. I do know. There are many many beautiful flowering trees but none quite as stunning as the Jacaranda. Thanks for your visit, Victoria, and taking the time to comment and to host Writers’ Fourth Wednesday.


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