Providence or Folly?

photo-13Lacking discretion . . .
she mistook agenda for wisdom
and suffering for sanctity.
She confused sex with intimacy
and saccharine with sincerity.
Because she endured,
she thought she was strong.
She fancied pain was her Cross
and treasured the confines
of her dark, singular world,
mistaking the fallout born of folly
for her God’s perfect plan.

© 2014 poem and photograph, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved


16 Comments on “Providence or Folly?

  1. Sooo. How do I know (to continue on with Pat’s thoughts)that when I look into that mirror of your beautiful poem or any other writing that I am drawn toward,that I am seeing a true image of me or a “glass dimly” or another false image of me?


    • Yes! That’s why we ready broadly, among other things. Consider much and – perhaps – accept little. Be willing to change our minds as we grow in wisdom as we gain insight or – sometimes – information.


    • This is actually about someone whose life was profoundly so … too many lessons learned to late. Tragic, but it is all of us sometimes, eh?


      • Yes….and it true to some degree for all of us. As for myself, I have no regrets. I could have done nothing different given who I was at the time. What I am saying is that I have always gone on leaving the old mistakes and all because you can fix nothing. Compassion for yourself, I believe, is crucial and then all falls into place.


  2. This is really potent, Jamie. I think all good writing should force us to look at ourselves and our lives to make sure we are not fooling ourselves or living a charade. Thanks for holding up the mirror for me. 🙂


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