the glass moon

file9781336412046have you noticed the many qualities of the night,
the way it can inspire a sudden sense of fantasy,
coming on to you like a dandy, cheeky and strutting

it temps you to pluck its gaudy sequins and string
them into garland or maybe take its hand to skate
across the glass moon or to twirl on the lunatic edge
and the cusp of intuition: oh! the depth of knowing . . .

beauty in night winds leaves you breathless; and have you
seen how quiet meditations on midnight hues illuminate
the book of your life like the bright gold and jewel colors of
a medieval manuscript, moving you page by page

with the same fluid arabesque as a dancer or the sweet
heat of a lover’s fingers sketching secrets on your
heart and sharing messages like old souls tend to do;
then, in a sudden burst of starlight, you understand

your story, your sunburned days, your hours steeped in
night’s startling visions when the questions are answered
and you know why: why the glass moon is sky crazy,
why the distant stars are radiant, and why you are you

© 2014 poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved; photograph courtesy of morgueFile

13 thoughts on “the glass moon

  1. thoughts sweep across ones heart
    of times long and short ago
    of hot summer days and chilly nights
    for your words tell it just so

    thoughts I fear, I’ll someday lose
    I hold close to my beating heart
    I’m still asking why I’ve not tough
    that grass moon that will not part

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  2. All too often when I comment I try to say something meaningful or clever to show how much I understood all the depths of meaning there was in what you (the blogger) wrote. But I can’t tonight. All I can say is that your poem made me feel good. It made me feel all sorts of things. It just was a really nice feeling all together when I read it.


  3. Nice. Glad to see you composing again. Just finished WH Auden’s Collected Poems, several of which moved me deeply. There were many I just “didn’t get” perhaps because they were undated and I believe they were largely written between the two wars. Whenever I finish a long book I feel a kind of sadness that we are through with each other and never will meet again in the same way. Still, it’s good to move on, and heaven knows plenty of books to read. How is your grand kitty doing? I bought a book from the Friends of the Library shelves today called “Cat Owner’s Problem Solver: How to Manage Common Behavior Problems by Thinking Like Your Cat.” I will read the “excessive meowing” section and then pass this book to Brian and Karen. Hard to go wrong for $1. And of course one must confront the fact that the problem could be that I ALREADY think too much like a cat! Linda

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  4. The night always brings a sense of enormity to me…those last two lines are a perfect expression of that place in vastness. Thank you for reminding me of that particular beauty!


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