he’s a tumble weed

Lastexit_front_smallhe’s a tumble weed

this rootless man


like a migrating bird

changing cities as easily as another
might switch coffee mugs or find a new cafe
with a different baker for pastries and
a different source for roasted beans

as if life

might change

at a new address
or on the single quaff of a new brew,
as if he could find himself in the
company of strangers, of unknown neighbors
sitting at anonymous tables
in silent camaraderie with smart phones and tablets

he sits, stares

looking past – not at – his iPad

a woman walks by, shoots a smile
into the dark heart of his alienation

he receives it
like a dying man receives chest compression,
a jump-start to his imagination and he could
envision her that night, looking at the same
moon as he, mooning over the same stars and
revisiting dreams once thought dead

© 2013, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved; photo courtesy of Moss Will via Wikipedia under CC BY  (attribution) 3.0 license

20 thoughts on “he’s a tumble weed

  1. Lucy…. I’m HoOme…. Good to read ya. I’ve been chasing dragons for the past year. I might be done “but then again, no or a man who makes potions in a travelling show ..” E.J. Settled into my old city, Port Hueneme and a few blocks from the ocean with a southern facing beach…..Never satisfied missing my old Long Beach digs and friends. Many thoughts and love sent your way.

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  2. I think I might need a smile…. “Charging….. CLEAR!” ka-Thump! “Charging again….. somebody give me an eppie! CLEAR!” ka-Thump! (Body stiffening, contorting and relaxing again just as quickly) No heart beat. Time of emotional death: middle age….. somebody….. somebody….. smile….

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      1. Hey jamie, you inspired me to write a poem which also is my first it is not good as your work but i would feel great if you tell me where there is scope for improvement

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