conjuring farmhouses

file7251236411820 farmhouses still alive in memory,
sitting near country roads, wild ~
uncharted, and one home-place
with a view of the lake and its sassy
promise of trout in the summer
and frigid days of ice fishing and
of ice skating by twos after dark,
our fingers blue as late afternoons
in the capacious depth of winter

© 2015, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved; Photo courtesy of morgueFile


7 thoughts on “conjuring farmhouses

  1. Jamie, I have a poem I would like to submit to your magazine. I think it is appropriate for it. Please let me know how that is possible. I’m not sure if you saw it or not. I posted it a day or so ago and did not see you take notice of it so you may not even care for it for all I know already. But I thought of the kind of content and concerns Bzine shares when I wrote it. Also, I am still very much into the idea of possibly designing a cover for you. I have not been really doing much collage work of late but you have not mentioned it and I am wondering if there is still interest in that direction…Smiles…>KB

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    1. You can send the link to the poem to me at with a note that you are submitting it for consideration. Thank you! Actually, I did pop an invitation to you to do the header awhile back when you first mentioned it. I asked if you’d like to do it for the next issue. If you go to the site and check out the submission guidelines, you’ll see what the themes are and if there’s one you want to take on, that would be lovely, K. Thanks. We’re set for November, but haven’t picked themes for the other months. Happy day, and glad you are thinking of us. 🙂


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