Portrait in February, a poem

img_0244there’s a portrait in February of percale sheets
and the tempting rondure of warm shoulders
tucked under a rosy duvet and late mornings,
coffee in bed, playing your hips like the strings
of a harp, the rhyme of a true love’s honor,
soft, the whiff of spring, the meadow violets
their heart-shaped leaves and felicitous flowers
promise of summer peace in damask gardens
wealth of silver roses, tart lemons, frisky mint
finger tip the faded hillock of hair on your neck
and let go of all that is false and mean for this –
the warmth of our ardor, the trust in our kiss

© 2017, Jamie Dedes

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7 thoughts on “Portrait in February, a poem

  1. Your words paint such a beautiful picture in my mind. We just returned to Florida from Michigan and I just couldn’t let go, as I read, of the joy of not wanting to get out of bed in the morning because the flannel clothed comforter feels so incredibly good. Percale comes in April or May bur flannel just doesn’t paint the same image in you poem. 🙂

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      1. Don’t need it in SW Florida, either. But we had just changed to having a comforter cover on our comforter and purred how much more we liked it than a flannel sheet and comforter. One of life’s great pleasures – but only if you live in the upper Midwest or New England.

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