the raging calm, a poem


this one world, this sapphire in the rough
lost among the shards of our hopes,
dreams of us like the fingers of a hand,
working together … if only we could,
casting our light upon this rich loam of earth,
cultivating the green of our curiosity and our
creativity: art, literature, music …
……………. poetry!

see the fabric of our being-ness; weft threads of
faiths, ideals, our shared values and the promise
of our children, creating unencumbered and
multicolored forms, patterns of varied textures,
rough and smooth and the warp, the very warp ~
strings of music and art, our poems and stories
casting their spell that we might see with one eye
the splendor hidden behind anger and hopelessness,
broadcast, the raging calm, the booming silence, now –
cut sapphire, now polished, now laid among diamonds,

© 2017, Jamie Dedes; the illustration is of the 423-carat Logan sapphire with diamonds, which is housed at National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC


The recommended read for this week is Robert Pinsky’s Singing School, Learning to Write (and Read) Poetry. No rules or recipes here just learning by studying the pros. Charming. Fun.

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