LAST WEDNESDAY’S WRITING PROMPT May 3, 2017 asked “How does wild nature make you feel at the very core of your being? Tell us in prose, poem or even photography.” Below are the works share by other poets in response to this prompt. Thanks to Renee, Sonjia, Colin and Paul for good reading.


Eclipsing Rainbows

There are moments of clarity drenched in a soul’s peace
where everything is an eclipse of brilliant rainbows
and becoming is like being mirrored images in lakes
where coral reefs are arms cradling infinite oceans
whereupon mountain rising islands are pristine views
touched only by Galapagos creatures of uniqueness

entering into a communion devoid of ritualistic cups
and eyesight becomes like those raptors’ rapturous quest
to make the flight over the highest of mountain ranges
like child’s play when there is a vision to fly along
and wings are the freedom of song birds a narrative song
in chorus with insects accompanied by frogs croaking

perceiving the world in a field of flowers engaging in
the mystery of becoming seeds under dark brown earth
and pushing up toward the brilliance of mother sun to
sprout into every conceivable bloom with stamen covered
with the sweetest of nectar drawing hummingbirds for
their respite and insects unknowing a pollination of life

© 2017,  Renee Espriu (Renee Just Turtle Flight)


i cannot live through
stagnant water,
i need oxygene
to survive this life,

to swim in clear
utter glory,
natures sweetest potion,
float among lilied notions

and live readily.

rancid pools a bitter
marriage make,
yellow scum upriver,
comes down reminding
sleepless nights
and half remembering.

running water or amnesia?

© 2017, Sonja Benskin Mesher (Sonja Benskin Mesher, RCA)

just how is it

that you suddenly feel an urge
to reach for pen & notebook
to record some Great Thought?

some itch of the brain –
grumble of neurons:
the remembering of rolling a little ball of snow
around a winter lawn till it becomes
impossible to manage the times
when you looked up at the night sky
to locate Orion’s Belt

Niord’s horn sounding
over all the bent forest winds
to come to this place here & now
where the river flows in & out
all day & night

moment for picking up
the thread of things once more
making a knot in time

Colin Blundell (Colin

As I Dive

I make the world.
Become young and lithe.

Turn from bird
to fish, from fish

to a water’s swerve
I am feathered water,

dots and dashes curve
in ash black and flame white

rippled negative sunlight
ribbons over

sleek and sheen,
I swallow pike, perch,

trout, and bass.
An underwater ember.

I clamber on shore
as lumpen land.

I put on years.
My paddles in the wrong

place. They waddle my weight,
a loon. I give birth

clumsily, mumble
a tremolo, yodel,

wail, and hoot
across the waters,


Let Me Dive Quick White

turbulent eddies,
preen copious oil,

wild silver flows easily
over streamlined
strong legs and feet

pinion rocks under and above.

All black, but for a white bib:
a dinner suit with white

serviette draped from the collar,
dine fresh meat river.

Don’t give me stillness:
stagnant, silent, dead.

Give me bright, loud, lively lilt
so muscle winged and flaps over

closed nostrils, eyelids feather
submerge, strong short bill

tumbles pebbles, sorts meat course

momentum immerses
into maelstrom,

barely make wake,

splash in flight,
Rock jump

float on belly,
wings spread like oars.



© Paul Brookes (The Wombwell Rainbow)

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  1. Thank you Jamie com/2017/05/10/eclipsing-rainbows-and-other-poetic-responses-to-last-wednesdays-prompt/” rel=”nofollow”>sonja benskin mesher and commented:
    Thanks Jamie for publishing ‘ aside’

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  2. Hi Jamie, Really love that you are posting other poets responses to your Wednesday prompts. Interesting to see how they interpret what it is they write in response to them. When you reply to something on my site from here it is still coming in as a ‘Ping Back” and not a comment so not sure why that is? I might have mentioned it before. And your picture doesn’t show anymore as well. Hope you are enjoying some sun. Love all of your photos you are taking.

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