It has always seemed to me that poetry and culinary arts are companionable practices. I love to write in the kitchen, to sip my way through the lyrical while fresh tomatoes are melting into ragù or yeasty bread dough is rising. I’ve wanted to combine these pleasures for my own joy and that of others, thus Coffee, Tea and Poetry was born. Come visit and let me know what you think and what you’d like to see there. At this writing, Coffee, Tea and Poetry is still in process, so I please bear with me and stick with me through the growing pains.

The plan is to share a variety of recipe types so that over-time there will be something for everyone, beverages and dishes to accommodate an array of dietary constraints or preferences: soy/dairy/nut/gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian and probably some paleo too. There will be new and old poems of mine and new and old poems from others.

Thank you in advance for your visit and (I hope) subscription. I’m putting up a lot of posts at once right now to give things a kick-start, but eventully will post much less frequently. So no worries about being inundated over time.

I hope you’ll visit often and I wish for you the very best in life, the courage to meet its challenges and the wisdom to recognize its gifts, even when they come in disguise

Thank you!

Photo: courtesy of Larisa Koshkina, Public Domain; Cartoon courtesy of