It has always seemed to me that poetry and culinary arts are companionable practices. I love to write in the kitchen, to sip my way through the lyrical while fresh tomatoes are melting into ragù or yeasty bread dough is rising. I’ve wanted to combine these pleasures for my own joy and that of others, thus Coffee, Tea and Poetry was born. Come visit and let me know what you think and what you’d like to see there. At this writing, Coffee, Tea and Poetry is still in process, so I please bear with me and stick with me through the growing pains.

The plan is to share a variety of recipe types so that over-time there will be something for everyone, beverages and dishes to accommodate an array of dietary constraints or preferences: soy/dairy/nut/gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian and probably some paleo too. There will be new and old poems of mine and new and old poems from others.

Thank you in advance for your visit and (I hope) subscription. I’m putting up a lot of posts at once right now to give things a kick-start, but eventully will post much less frequently. So no worries about being inundated over time.

I hope you’ll visit often and I wish for you the very best in life, the courage to meet its challenges and the wisdom to recognize its gifts, even when they come in disguise

Thank you!

Photo: courtesy of Larisa Koshkina, Public Domain; Cartoon courtesy of

9 thoughts on “COFFEE, TEA and POETRY

  1. ALL IN A DAY’S WORK (as shared over coffee)
    I was late for work on Tuesday
    And I took off in a flash,
    Unfortunately my coffee cup tipped over
    And drenched me with a splash,
    My white shirt caught every brown drop.
    Front and center of the shirt were splattered
    I should have found the time to stop.
    Those coffee spots looked like politicians twisted in a spiral,
    How was I supposed to know that psychiatrists
    Were waiting for the picture to go viral?
    I was already marked as a careless man.
    Women avoided me, I didn’t understand.
    As a result I didn’t notice the hot dog vendor
    Who was counting out his cash,
    I’ve been told the noise of the impact,
    Drew first responders and lawyers quickly to the crash.
    The ketchup from the hot dogs added color, just a dash.
    It was the brown shirt that made people turn and look at me,
    All the attention, the crowds, even the President came to see.
    I’m not saying that I’m famous because of my brown speckled shirt,
    Neither did I gain some fame when I didn’t show for work.
    It could have been those dirt splotches and the things people saw,
    Or it could have been my imagination when I fell and hurt my jaw.
    But I opened a coffee shop over on Fifth and Main,
    And every day from dawn to dusk cars are there sure as rain.
    I’m happy that I’m helping others, or maybe it’s just fate,
    It seems If I’m kind to others, it won’t matter if I’m late.
    The geese are flying south again, coffee prices are on the rise,
    Meet me for a special exotic blend called MY CLUMSY SUNRISE.
    It’s the one that got me started, and I don’t know if it will end,
    Come and join our poetry group, the ones we call our friends.
    Write about anything until you squeeze the last words out.
    We encourage all who share, and those with fears and doubts,
    Drink my coffee and let the words splash straight from your heart,
    The end result is less important than the journey we all make,
    We strive to improve the world, one coffee, or a story,
    It’s a step we all take.
    July 7, 2017

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    She curled up as she lay there,
    Beautiful and bare.
    She was not ready to face
    The world in any case.
    Not ready to have coffee
    Racing through her veins.
    Coffee quickly tired her out,
    Made her jumpy, made her cry,
    She was too tense to wonder why.
    Warm and comfortable,
    It was enough to feel the love.
    She practiced a few forward rolls,
    And decided they were fun.
    Tomorrow more exercises could be done.
    The exercises depended on what the doctor said,
    But he was urging caution and don’t bump her head.
    She was growing with each passing day,
    Becoming confined in every way.
    She was learning to love music and listened to songs,
    Soon she would learn that she belonged.
    Coffee was a stimulant and two people
    Decided love was not wrong,
    They asked each other two questions every night,
    As they loved away loneliness with all their might.
    “Would you like to have coffee with me?
    Our baby will be beautiful, don’t you agree?”

    July 6, 2017

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    • Yeah! That’s tough. Tim Ferris is the the four-hour chief et al? I was vegan for years but that became unsustainable due to catastrophic illness. I do eat meat, fish, poultry and eggs now, not much dairy, but for most meals drink a vegan protein shake to complement my veggies. I can’t work off the carbs, so I tend to avoid them on an every-meal, every day basis. We’re so individual. What works for some doesn’t for others. Appreciate your taking the time to comment.

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