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All the material in this post belongs to Michael Moore and is shared here simply by way of alerting readers to his new program should they be interested. / J.D.

“This podcast, “RUMBLE with Michael Moore,” after just 17 days since we launched it, has had over one million downloads and sits at or near the top of the podcast charts! Frankly, I’m speechless. And sincerely humbled by this response. Thank you, exalted listeners!

“No one in pod world prepared me for this. All I wanted to do was get a few things off my chest, maybe suggest a way or two out of this mess we’re in. Stop the bs and be the anti-pundit. Help an old friend named Bernie who’s devoted his whole life to helping everyone else. I said I tried to do it once a week; but after my niece and her husband bought me a microphone, I just started talking and I couldn’t shut up. Now it seems like I’m doing one of these nearly every day because, in the end, what choice do I have, what choice do any of us have? This is not the time for silence or casual observing or being a bench warmer. This is not the time for cynicism or despair, even though each one of us has every friggin’ right to be in deep despair and to just lose it, but what would the neighbors say if they saw us tying Stephen Miller to a fence or strapping Jared to a drone while the rest of the family is building an ark in the backyard, hoping to get to Greenland — but when they get there, Greenland is gone because someone said it melted this morning into the sea… “but have you tried Iceland? I hear it’s beautiful this time of year!”

“So I’m stuck back here, doing a podcast — not a movie, not a TV series, not a book, not my next Broadway show, not even “Disney on Ice” — no, a podcast! Where I get to say all the things we’re not allowed to say, and I find myself not giving a shit anymore but then realizing that by being here with just myself and you in a tiny studio on top of a movie theater beaming our free speech out across the universe with no censors, no owners, no lawyers, no insurance companies, no boots on our necks — and then, suddenly, there are one million downloads after just 2+ weeks and it all feels so damn worth it because I see an army of citizens with no guns, just ideas and a rugged determination to halt the insanity and restore the imperfect democracy. NOW! And if this RUMBLE can help bring it all together, then so be it! I’ll keep thinking and talking and turning the mic over to new voices you haven’t heard but should. Thank you all for helping us launch — blast off! — this new podcast. Please subscribe! It’s FREE! We have no time to lose. More to come! Much more to come!” Michael Moore

Apple Podcasts: RUMBLE with MICHAEL MOORE 


Michael Moore at the 66th Venice International Film Festival courtesy of Nicolas genin under CC BY-SA 2.0

MICHAEL MOORE POLITICAL VIEWS: Although Moore has been noted for his political activism, he rejects the label as redundant in a democracy: “I and you and everyone else has to be a political activist. If we’re not politically active, it ceases to be a democracy.”According to John Flesher of the Associated Press, Moore is known for his “fiery left-wing populism” and publications such as the Socialist Worker Online have hailed him as the “new Tom Paine”. In a speech, he said that socialism is democracy, is Christianity. However, he later said that economic philosophies from the past were not apt enough to describe today’s realities.” MORE [Wikipedia]

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