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THE POET BY DAY is an information hub created by a poet for poets. It shines a special – but not exclusive – light on:

  • global arts and poetry initiatives for peace, sustainability and social justice
  • she-poets
  • minority poets
  • poets just finding their voices in maturity

Since the recent election in the United States and the installation of a new administration, I find myself taking advantage of this venue to provide information on and encouragement for nonviolent protest against environmental degradation, women’s rights, human rights, and racism. I feel rather like Orwell did when he wrote A Little Poem – “but born alas in an evil time,” I have a moral responsibility to address injustice through poetry – certainly – but also by other means.  For the most part, poetry will be the subject of morning posts. And event and information about resistance efforts – and about regional poetry events – will post late in the day. I don’t expect the later to be everyday. We’ll see how thing develop.

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The Poet by Day


  • to honor the place of poetry in our lives;
  • to acknowledge good poets, both established and emerging;
  • to encourage poetry for social and environmental justice;
  • to shine a light on women and minority poets and poets just finding their voices in maturity;
  • to encourage you in your writing and provide helpful information and resources;
  • to have fun, to laugh, to feel good … and to cry when that’s needed.

This is place to explore the world of poetry and to honor the space in which poetry bares witness and offers us comfort and vision.


JAMIE DEDES: The Poet by Day blog Founder and Content Editor: Poet, “Poetry Champion,” Writer, and  Managing Editor of The BeZine, a publication of The Bardo Group Beguines.

Jamie Dedes

Jamie Dedes

Formerly: a feature writer specializing in business, employment and vocational education and for two years, associate editor to the California Job Journal and for six years a columnist, On the Job Front. I was a planning unit analyst supervisor with a quasi-government agency and the co-supervisor of a full-service career center under The Workforce Investment Act.

Current focus is poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction and iPhoneOgraphy with a special interest in art as a change agent. Organized The BeZine 100,000 Poets (and friends) for Change as an annual virtual event and founded The Bardo Group – now The Bardo Group Beguines – to create a community of like-minded poets, writers, musicians, artists and clergy to help foster the peace, however modest the effort.

I live with my lifelines (MacBook and iPhone 6), life support (oxygen compressor) and unconditional love from my elderly-disabled Rat Terrier-Chihuahua mix, Baxter, companion, muse and office manager.


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Jamie Dedes

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