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Life hasn’t lent itself to writing or blogging or even visiting much lately, but I am online for a short time today and wanted to share this old poem – now rewritten – and to invite you to visit a new blogger, Steffi.  Say “hi” and cheer her on.

Also of note: Myra Schneider’s newest poetry collection (it’s fabulous), The Door to Color is out. The latest issue of ArtemisPOETRY is available from Second Light Network, a collective of women poets. It’s engaging as always. Much enjoyed both these works.

Also, details on the third issue of The B Zine are below and we are currently working on Issue 4, which will publish on February 6.  I hope that by mid-February I’ll be seeing more of of you. Meanwhile, you are in my thoughts and prayers!

like the ripeness of crimson, like ground,
opening to growth, the primal sward,
or the harder than rock diamond, the
quiet way a good word cuts out the

voice of deception, draws us into
the nameless as it’s written on glass
to see us though … words have a
way of multiplying themselves like

cells when they divide, like chicks
breaking from their shells, words
burst from our mouths like whales or
dolphins surfacing above water,
their music dances in our ears, sometimes

harmonious, sometimes dissonant, ready
to help or haunt – take hate, door slamming,
end of discussion, or unlatching love,
breaks down walls, willing to debate

or so delectable, like a sweet kiss
the first time before union transfixing,
and prayer, a different sort of melding,
it’s one that transforms us …

that we might make the peace, tear
the ragged pages from the old lexicon,
an act that breaks the binding of our
language to free the fresh sprouts …

pushing though the ether, populating
Rumi’s field, such an opening for grace,
like faith, hope and charity, renewed,
purified, taken clean and hard polished

and used in a poem with a new spirit ~
words, a boat that takes us from here
to there, and having arrived, we let it go …
floating beyond messages of wrong or

of right, in our spring – in Rumi’s field,
we’ll lie down on the lilt of grass, so full,
our peace no longer needing any words
or any poetry, nor even any name  . . .

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing  and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”   Rumi, Essential Rumi

©2013 poem and 2015 photograph, Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day), All rights reserved; 

 The B Zine,Volume 1, Issue 3,

a publication of Beguine Again and The Bardo Group

January theme: “The Divine Feminine”

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The Man Who Loved

pansy hues
pansy hues

Such a lover of color he was,
always savoring; savoring the
soul-soothing wild indigo, the
blue of a summer sky and the
way a daisy with yellow tummy
and white fringe reminded him
to center. He loved the roses,
thorned and feral in racy and
raunchy reds and salacious
pinks, accenting the landscape,
exploding with an earthy laugh.
Peppermint was known to trip
him into ecstasy; the licorice scent
of fennel to tickle his fancy from
hat to boots. Trees were wise,
with their bulk, age, and sage
gnarled trunks. He loved the
sun, setting in Arizona colors,
flaming yellows and oranges,
rising at dawn in New York’s
spring peach and pansy hues.
An amiable meal and a good
night’s sleep were raptures
treasured. A cup of coffee, a
glass of wine, magical elixirs.
He loved his child too, going
about the business of play, fresh
hands rummaging in new worlds.
He loved. He just loved –
….today’s joy,
……..tomorrow’s hope,
…………yesterday’s confusions …

I love you as one loves certain obscure things,
secretly, between the shadow and the soul.”
One Hundred Love Sonnets: XVII by Pablo Neruda in The Essential Neruda: Selected Poems

© 2010 (poem), 2014 (photograph), Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved

The B Zine, Volume 1, Issue 3, Table of Contents with Links

The B Zine

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Volume 1, Issue 3

a publication of Bequine Again and The Bardo Group

Biographies of our Core Team and our Guest Writers are HERE.

The stunning watercolors used to illustrate this month’s cover page are the work of Gretchen Del Rio, all rights reserved


Our theme this month:

The Divine Feminine

Bringing balance to the imagining of God or the essential energy of the universe, we celebrate the Divine Feminine in both her ethereal and more earthy manifestations.

Our lead feature by  Rev. Terri Stewart suggests a spiritual practice (The Divine Feminine) for doing this. She’s also shares a feature with us (Words Into Action) that includes links to worthy charities to help us give our compassion legs. On the most ethereal level, we move on to a chapter from Niamh Clune’s cult classic, The Coming of the Feminine Christ.

We present a collection of poems and features that celebrate the more earthy feminine spirit by honoring: mothering (Their Compassion Has Legs), nature/Mother Earth with an acrostic poem from Corina Ravenscraft: sisterhood with Priscilla Galasso (Celebration of Femininity) a grandmother (The Divining Trunk by Karen Fayeth); wife (one poem by James Cowles and two poems by John Anstie); and those men touched by the Sacred Feminine, The Blessed Mother (Gentleman of the Old School, a short poem).

Under General Interest we have deeply moving and spiritually profound account from a new contributor, Father Dan, a Spiritan priest (Roman Catholic), about the lessons he learned from his  brother, Christopher, who died prematurely.

Musician and poet/writer, Marilynn Mair (If You Would Still Believe, poem) and our resident shaman, Michael Watson (The Year Turns, essay) move us into this new year with hope and inspiration.

Under general interest we have poems from several poets including Imen Benyoub, James Cowles, Joseph Hesch and Victoria C. Slotto. We have two flash fiction features, one by Joseph Hesch.

For a tidbit of something on the light side, we present another new guest contributor, Sue Vincent.  Grab your sides for more than a few giggles and laughs with Twelve Things Your Grandparents Said …

On behalf of all of us here, many blessings in 2015.

Jamie Dedes



” The Divine Feminine”

Lead Features

The Divine Feminine, Terri Stewart

Words Into Action, Terri Stewart

Book Excerpt

The Redemption of Eve (from The Coming of the Feminine Christ), Niamh Clune

Photo Essay

A Celebration of Femininity, Priscilla Galasso

Feature Articles

The Divining Trunk, Karen Fayeth

Their Compassion Has Legs, Jamie Dedes

Flash Fiction

Luminous, Liliana Negoi


Tree Cathedral Acrostic, Corina Ravenscraft

Quan Yin, Victoria C. Slotto

Haiku for My Wife, James Cowles

And I Love Her Still, John Anstie

“The Lamb” (AKA “Devotion”), John Anstie

Gentlemen of the Old School, Jamie Dedes


“General Interest”

Feature Articles

Chris Reminds Me, Father Daniel S. Sormani, C. S. Sp.

The Year Turns, Michael Watson,  M.A., Ph.D., LCMHC

Flash Fiction

How Skinny Girls Survive, Jamie Dedes

Tears for Icarus, Joseph Hesch


While Listening to Mozart’s Requiem, Imen Benyoub

If You Would Still Believe, Marilynn Mair

Rose-Tending, James Cowles

Train Wreck, James Cowles

Warrior in a Place of Ghosts, Joseph Hesch

Blessed Are They Who Mourn, Victoria C. Slotto


Turning Night Into Day, Naomi Baltuck

Special Delivery, Naomi Baltuck


Twleve Things Your Granparents Said …, Sue Vincent

Volume 1, Issue 1, November 2014

Volume 1, Issue2, December 2014