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I am ever eager to know what other writer’s think, to “listen in” on debates and to find good recommendations.  Happened upon this while rummaging through Staffer’s Book Review … “How can so many (white, male) writers narratively justify restricting the agency of their female characters on the grounds of sexism = authenticity while simultaneously writing male characters with conveniently modern values? “The habit of authors writing Sexism Without Sexists in genre novels is… Read More

For my sisters and all their children. Love, Jamie TODAY WE RISE “The world is missing what we have to offer, our wisdom, our sweetness, our love and our hunger for peace.” ♥ Note: If you are viewing this from email, it is likely you will have to link through to the site to watch this short but charming video with an important value to share.

For Gratitude Day in 2010, Awyn (Jottings) wrote the piece posted below. It has remained with me since then and I asked Awyn for permission to publish it here. Awyn and I met thanks to Sam Hamill’s Poets Against War initiative to which we both contributed. She included two of my anti-war poems in “Salamander Cove,”  her poetry magazine, where I was honored to keep company with such lights as Sherman Alexie and Robert Peake. Wow! The magazine… Read More

Some mothers’ children stare unseeing No sweet, wet baby kisses from blistered lips, . . . . songs unsung No wedding portraits to dust and treasure No graduations or trips to the sea . . . . just their bodies to bury crushed beaten stilled by the engine of nihilism Limbs cracked and broken, bellies torn Faces purpled, hearts stopped Hearts stopped … . . . . hearts stopped Some mothers’ hearts have stopped… Read More