“Put your mouthful of words away and come with me to watch the lilies open in such a field, growing there like yachts, slowly steering their petals without nurses or clocks.” ― Anne Sexton, The Complete Poems In honor of springtime and Holy Week (coming up), my hunger for rest and renewal, and a visit (Hooray!) with my cousin Daniel, whom I haven’t seen in over forty years, I’ll not be online… Read More

“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.” Immaturity, George Bernard Shaw [The Collected Works of George Bernard Shaw: Plays, Novels, Articles, Letters and Essays] We four, we fumbled our pas de quatre on river rocks in a faraway place of raging Hudson and an antique cloister. No escape from mutilation but for books and theater, old stories reborn, told in graceful moves and music… Read More

“All I really want to say Is that the problems come and go But the sunshine seems to stay . . . “ My son sent me On Coming from a Broken Home (an excerpt from the album, I’m New Here) for Mother’s Day in 2011.  Since then I publish some version of this piece every two years. I think Gil Scott-Heron’s message here is important.  Gil Scott-Heron died around this time in 2011…. Read More

“The apricot throws itself on the ground. It is crushed and trampled for its next life.”  Yang Mija “sees” while walking through an orchard and takes notes in her poetry notebook Poetry  (2009), the second movie suggestion for a holiday break movie, is a Korean movie with English subtitles. It speaks quietly about life and art, devastation and redemption. Like the most refined poetry, it is nuanced, honest and dramatic without being melodramatic or… Read More