This is an except from the September issue of The BeZine, themed social justice. It is another example of the quality of work we share there. It’s also an important story at this time and Michael explains why.  / J.D. Off the trail Author’s note: Originally written in July, 2013, this piece seems even more relevant and urgent 5 years later. It originally appeared here, on Meta/ Phor(e) /Play. A revised version… Read More

Last week PEN America announced the launch of the PEN/Edward Bunker Prize in Fiction. This to honor the legacy of the famed crime fiction author and screenwriter. The PEN/Bunker Prize will celebrate short works in fiction by writers who are currently incarcerated and will be presented for the first time as part of the PEN America’s 2019 Prison Writing Awards. EDWARD BUNKER, who became a prolific writer while incarcerated, leveraged the power of… Read More

This part of the story is complete in itself but if you’d like you can read the first part of The City of Ultimate Bliss HERE. In all her nine years, she’d never seen him at her mother’s shop. He carried something large and brown and tied with string. That was the first thing Habah noticed. The second was that her mother’s gaze and that of the man’s were locked. Habah studied the… Read More

As he settled near me on the park bench, I caught his scent: whisky, unbrushed teeth and unwashed clothes. Dirty nails poked through the frayed fingers of his wool gloves. At first he just sat there, happy for the company, enjoying the muffled sound of foghorns in the distance and the rhythmic music of waves hitting the seawall below. “Snow’s coming,” Charlie said, more to himself then me. He freed a bottle… Read More