Opportunity Knocks: Calls for Submissions …

“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?” Charles Bukowski, Post Office


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  • Submissions to The BeZine, June 2019 issue are open. Submissions should be emailed to bardogroup@gmail.com.  A detailed announcement will post soon. For now: June 2019 issue, Deadline June 10th. Theme: Sustainability; September 2019 issue, Opens for submission July 1st, Deadline September 10th, Theme: Human Rights/Social Justice
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AGNI ONLINE, a literary publication of Boston University, publishes essays, fiction, hybrid, and poetry and is open for submission through May 31st. No submission fees. Paying market. Details HERE.

THE CHERRY TREE, a National Literary Journal @ Washington College, publishes poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and literary shade and is open for readings between August 1 and October 1 (mark your calendar). Payment: $20 and copies. No submission fee. Details HERE.

BLACK WARRIOR REVIEW, a publication of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comics, and art twice yearly. The next reading period is June 1 through September 1 (market your calendar). Submission fee. Paying market. Details HERE.

HYPERALLERGIC describes itself as offering a  “playful, serious, and radical perspective on art and culture in the world today.” Details on how freelancers can pitch ideas are HERE.

LEMON THEORY, The Digital Magazine “Our Troops,” publishes the work of “officers, responders and those who make the community a safer place. This doesn’t have to be United Sttes based, we want to publish stories on an international standpoint.” English only. No submission fee. No payment. Details HERE.

LUNCH TICKET, the online literary and art journal of the MFA Program at Antioch University, publishes creative nonfiction, fiction, flash prose, literary translation, visual art, and writing for young people. No submission fee. No payment. Details HERE.

NARRATIVE MAGAZINE publishes poetry, fiction and nonfiction and has open calls in several categories and others that will open shortly. Entry/submission fees. Cash awards. Paying Market. Further details HERE.

SPRY LITERARY JOURNAL is looking for “concise, experimental, hybrid, or flashy” work “modern … vintage.”  This journal publishes creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, flash, and art. No submission fee. Details HERE.

ZiN DAILY, Literature Happens Every Day is “the living document and online creative laboratory of ZVONA i NARI, where literature happens every day. ZiN Daily is specifically looking for boundary- and border-crossing work that illuminates underexplored connections between different segments of culture. Send us work that will electrify our readers, as we build a common platform for mutual solidarity and exchange.” This publication based in Ližnjan, Croatia is open to submissions from writers around the world writing in “Bosnian, Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Montenegrin, Serbian and Slovenian, or any playful combination of these languages.” ZiN Daily publishes stories, essays, articles, reviews, and poems. No submission fee. No payment. Details HERE.



Opportunity Knocks: Calls for Submissions and Competitions

“A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.” W.H. Auden, The Complete Works of W.H. Auden: Prose, Volume II: 1939-1948


Opportunity Knocks

WEST BRANCH, a literary journal of Bucknell University, has an open call for submissions of poetry, fiction, essays and reviews. No submissions fees. Cash payment. Details HERE.

THE MUNSTER LITERATURE CENTRE is open for unsolicited submissions of English poetry and fiction through March 15. No submission fees. Cash payment. Details HERE.

THEMA LITERARY SOCIETY, many plots / one premise is open for submissions of short stories, poems, photographs, and art to themed issues of its publication: The Clumsy Gardener [July 1, 2019]; What a Strange Question! [November 1, 2019]; Not of this World [March 1, 2020]. Previously published work is considered. No submission fee. Payment. Details HERE.


Opportunity Knocks

THE GREGORY O’DONOGHUE INTERNATIONAL POETRY COMPETITION   is open to English language writers from anywhere in the world. Entries may be up to 3,000 words.  Entry fee. Cash awards. (Residency at Anam Cara Retreat is part of the first prize.) Entry fee. Cash award and publication. (Residency at Tyrone Guthrie Centre is part of the first prize.) DEADLINE: 30 November, midnight. Details HERE.

PALETTE POETRY PRIZE FOR 2019 offers $4000 in awards is open through April 15. No entry fee. Details HERE.

THE SEÁN Ó FAOLÁIN INTERNATIONAL SHORT STORY PRIZE is open to English language writers from anywhere in the world. Entries may be up to 3,000 words.  Entry fee. Cash awards. (Residency at Anam Cara Retreat is part of the first prize.) DEADLINE: 31 July, midnight. Details HERE.

WRITER’S DIGEST SELF-PUBLISHED BOOK AWARD is open through April 1, 2019. Entry fee. Cash and other awards. Details HERE.

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