Nadira Cotticollan (Dreaming through Twilight) from Kannur, India shared this with us on Facebook. I’m just in love with the idea of it. Wouldn’t it be a joy if people the world over adopted this phrase and philosophy?  How civilized (and more practical) this value is than our Western individuality and winner-takes-all values. Something to think about, especially in the light of current events and history. The Xhosa (pronounced with a click for the “X” and… Read More

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The first post in this series is HERE. Music, the language of the soul The cultural Intifada*…From stones to musical instruments. The story of Ramzi Abu Radwan. They impressed the world And all they had in their hands were stones They lit like lanterns, and came like messengers From “children of the stones” Nizar Quabbani (1923-1998), Syrian poet and publisher The first Intifada is the Palestinian uprising against…