Note: This was originally published in Beguine Again, the sister site to The BeZine. James is a member of The BeZine core team. / J.D. Actually, the title should be “How to Ruin the Experience of Listening to Good (Even Great) Music,” but that was too long. I suppose one could argue that the experience of listening to good music, as far as the listener is concerned, is the music. But let’s… Read More

Who better to celebrate the beginning of the 117th Major League Baseball season in the U.S. than poet Ogden Nash? He was an American poet known for the unconventional and humourous expressed in rhymed poems. He made strategic use of misspellings and puns or twists on famous poems or sayings. One of my faves pokes fun at Joyce Kilmer’s Trees.  “I think that I shall never see/ A poem as lovely as a tree.” v. Ogden’s… Read More

  Hangover at the grocery ~ Meeting accidentally in the wine section you sip me shyly with gentle conversation and read the label on my selection, your hand brushes mine, a sensual appeal It’s for drunken pasta! I explain, you laugh and say you’d rather drink than eat it your eyes are Wedgwood blue and hold a wistful smile you imagine I’m something fine, a vintage port you’re flushed with the fancied… Read More

Imprecise language is misleading and our job as poets and writers is to tell it like it is. Here, George Carlin (1937-2008), American counter-culture stand-up comedian, social critic, philosopher, satirist, actor and writer, shows us just how  unjust, confusing – and often just plain silly – euphemism is. VIEWER ALERT: Carlin’s vocabulary will offend some people. Photo courtesy of Alex Lozupone under CC BY-SA 4.0 license