THE BAX 2006 – MAY 17, 2017, 6:06 PM Baxter died of kidney failure Wednesday evening.  I held him in my arms as he went painlessly, fearlessly and peacefully into that good night. If there is a literal heaven, then surely Bax passed through whatever doggie door there may be into that Eternity. Much thanks to Muttville, Joe and Raphael for the gift of Bax. They saved him from premature death in a… Read More

We’ve made love private, contained it in family, when its audacity is in its potential to cross tribal lines.” Krista Trippet

if my voice was an angel voice i’d sing you into ecstasy if my hand was a healing hand i’d touch you into grace would that i could measure poems to turn tears into light to put dance in your feet if i knew my own soul, i could touch the tarnished silver of yours and bring your smiles back again © 2013, poem and photograph, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved

If you are viewing this post from Facebook or email, it’s likely you will have to click through to watch the video.  May this be the year we let go of certainty and embrace mystery. May this be the year we know love as respect and peace as decision. HAPPY 2016! Love, Jamie