the open sky ,,,,tufts like spun sugar . . . white with sunlight layered on an endless blue blessing free-form and unbounded .       idly floating . . . waiting on nothing not the brightness of day nor the cool calm night ….present with our pleasure  . . . we eye one another my silent mind . . . t] their silent flow . . . . . . occasional… Read More

after Pablo Neruda let us sit without movement, without words harmless not trampling the ant or butchering the steer neither selling nor buying no birthing, no dying fisherfolk transfixed above the wave carpenters silent by the bench . . . . . poet lay down your pen let every hand be still ~ slow the racing heart, the speed-demon mind let us now praise the peace ” . . . we will count to… Read More

sangha you are here you people of the cosmic soup you mindful, you Bodhisattvas you Buddhas you Arahant lotus petals unfolding meditation the tumbling mind returns no longer empty … and yet © 2015, poems and photograph, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved

As we honor the closure of 2014 with celebrations both spiritual and secular, may our spirits rest in “Natural Great Peace” and may that peace perfume the greater world around us. We usher in this season with one of The Bardo Group’s most popular posts as both a gift and an inspiration. Meanwhile, on behalf of newly birthed The Bardo Group/Beguine Again collaborative, best wishes for a rich life of mind and spirit in 2015. Volume 1, Issue… Read More