Today RESCUE PRESS announced its fall line-up of books. This “is an independent publisher of chaotic and investigative work, founded in the winter of 2009. We publish work by activists, artists, craftsmen, list-makers, philosophers, poets, scientists, writers, and creative thinkers of all kinds. We’re interested in collections of artwork, comics, essays, experiments, how-tos, interrogations, manifestos, notes, poetry, stories, and anything else that transforms us.”  Rescue press reads submissions twice a year: Their first reading period is coming… Read More

THE HOLLYWOOD DREAMCATCHER by Susan Dingle & BROADWAY, BOOZE & A SONG OF LIFE by Maggie Bloomfield In this one-act play, two long-term recovering women, poets and therapists bring their stories from Broadway and Hollywood to prisons and meetings. Their youthful misadventures, told in poetry and conversation, are at once crazy, hilarious and heartbreaking. The shows reflect on their histories, friendships and how they found their voices in sobriety, with the hope… Read More

“Even I, childless one, intend to write New Yorker fiction in the Cheever style but all my stories tell where I came from.” Family Tree It’s always a special pleasure to explore the work of those who dance on the hyphen, who don’t quite fit here or there and have to make something new out of their life circumstance. Unique qualities of clarity and color seem to come from the richness inspired by bilingual… Read More

I was definitely the product you’d expect from the odd and awkward situation in which I grew up and surely I showed little talent, no free thinking and no genius or particular promise. The poem is not good – some youth write profoundly beautiful and wise poetry and young people today are far more savvy than I ever was  –  but it does illustrate that after fifty years or so writing will improve. We writers often have… Read More