“The word “palimpsest” helps to describe the trajectory of my poetry. I grew up as a pianist, practicing five hours a day—Haydn, Mozart, Bach. I played in recitals, long pieces of music I then memorized by heart. Music gave me a sense of both sequence and depth, the combined sense of which has never gone away.” Linda E. Chown INTERVIEW JAMIE: I know you’ve been writing poetry for most of your life…. Read More

“We make our world with words! No one knows this truth better than the Poet, the wordsmith crafting perception of moments into bite sized pieces of sound—line, verse, phrase, sentence; meaning and its absence.” Longer Ago, Poems by Spoon Jackson, Feeling is a footpath to the heart of the world, Rootfolks MORE “I have found that prisons are created internally and are truly found everywhere.” Spoon Jackson (realness network) In the interest… Read More

All of the interviews on Paul’s blog – The Wombwell Rainbow – are interesting and worth your time. Paul’s doing a fabulous job. I have selected Bozhidar Pangelov’s interview to feature today because it includes a tidbit of a reference about what it is like to be a writer and lover of literature in times and places of repression. Though those of us who came of age during the Cold War are… Read More

“These verses believe; they love; they hope; that is all.” Arthur Rimbaud, Complete Works The house that does not exist (Ah, Shiraz, the Nightingales sing at night) nothing but the whole hope exists (do not sell carpets with patterns, Fatima). There the river flows into River. As a dream in dreams (he speaks nothing of sorrow already, you with a veil ). They quietly sing, sing without being heard, without having them…. Read More