LATE BREAKING NEWS: Roger Allen Baut’s Arts Agregate “Creative Nexus™” is up for your reading pleasure Link HERE Features include: More on Jim Harrison; Sherlock Holmes manuscript expected to fetch up to £300,000; Paris Review Interview with Imre Kertész; Victoria Benediction – Love that Kills; L.A. Times on Patty Duke.

This community paper “is for progressive Artists, Artisans, Musicians and Writers to interact, share and promote each other’s laudable work, for the betterment of all.” per Roger

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LATE BREAKING NEWS: The latest edition of “The Creative Nexus” is available for your reading pleasure

img.paper.liThis issue includes: 10 Recent Literary Novels That Take On Society | BOOKGLOW
“Arguably the best books and stories open minds and hearts, and take readers on a journey of wonder, questioning, and learning. They are rebellion and hope in print.” For more link HERE.

THE CREATIVE NEXUS art and literature news aggregate is hosted by poet and photographer, Roger Allen Baut (Chasing Tao).

SAVE THE DATE: THE NEXUS CAFE™ ~ In conversation with Natasha Head about online poetry connections and community


logoJoin us for a chat about online poetry connections and community … and THE POET BY DAY: for everyone who eats, sleeps and breathes poetry and wishes poetry was their day job …

On 28 February 2016, Sunday, at 2:00 p.m. ET

3 p.m. AT – 1 p.m. CT – 12 p.m. MT – 11 p.m. PT

THE POET BY DAY is in the process of reinvention, transitioning to an information hub on all things poesy with special – but not exclusive – light on:

  • global poetry initiatives for peace, sustainability and social justice
  • she-poets
  • minority poets
  • poets just finding their voices in maturity

The complete Mission for The Poet by Day is in the blogroll to your left.

My thanks to Natasha Head (Tashtoo Parlour) and Roger Allen Baut (Chasing Tao) for the opportunity talk about community building and what this particular site has to offer you.

THE CREATIVE NEXUS™ produces two Internet radio shows: Blue Sky Highway™ and the Nexus Cafe™ on Blog Talk Radio. Blue Sky Highway is also available on Soundcloud. Past episodes of both shows are archived at Blog Talk Radio and Soundcloud. Roger and Natasha tell me that a separate Nexus Café Soundcloud account is in the works.

“The Creative Nexus is NOT just about sharing your own work with the world…it’s about sharing everyone else’s! We are a group of artists, writers, artisans, musicians and more. Many of us have to reconcile the real world with our passions, and it’s nice to know you’ve got a supportive community behind you when one of those real world wrenches steals time from your online promotion and sharing of your work.

“Together we will reach higher than we have ever dreamed, and in that same mission, we ask YOU to share us with YOUR world. Please feel free to use the logo below and post to your site or space with a link back to us. It’s a huge good karma wheel we hope to get rolling, and in the spirit of the NWCU we welcome you as a spoke in that wheel.”

Natasha Head and Roger Allen Baut

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img.paper.liThis week’s edition of THE CREATIVE NEXUS™ is available for a nice leisurely Sunday night read. The Creative Nexus is a community paper for progressive Artists, Artisans, Musicians and Writers to interact, share and promote each other’s laudable work, for the betterment of all. Roger Allen Baut, Editor 

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