HEADS-UP SF BAY AREA: Reading with Michael Rothenberg, Owen Hill, Paul Corman-RoberTs and Youssef Alaui …

FullSizeRender-2Michael Rothenberg of Big Bridge magazine, 100,000 Poets for Change, and almost countless poetry books edited or written – not to mention Shell Dance Orchid Gardens in Pacifica –  says,

“Diversity of vision and style are the heart and soul of this reading, a momentous occasion of joyous and dark surprise.”

Sunday, March 6th, 5-8 p.m.
Art House Gallery, 2905 Shattuck Avenue (at Ashby), Berkeley

Featured poets include:
Michael Rothenberg
Owen Hill
Paul Corman-Roberts
Youssef Alaoui

Open reading sign-up at 5 p.m.
$5 – $10 donation suggested.

MICHAEL ROTHENBERG will bring his strange brew of San Francisco Renaissance meditations, savvy humor and political rant.

OWEN HILL, the wizard of Moe’s legendary reading series, is always smart and insightful and sets the stage for a noir apocalypse.

PAUL CORMAN ROBERTS, notoriously unable to see his forest for his trees brings a message yearning for community and justice tempered with a reckless if soulful heart.

YOUSSEF ALAOUI will engage the surreal and the fabulist with his strange dark melodies.

This is the first time these poets have read together and it might be the last. If you are in the area, join them for a night of celebration and exultation!

For more information contact: Clive Matson, 510-654-6495, clive@matsonpoet.com


Owen Hill is currently finishing the annotations for the new edition of Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep. His most recent poetry collection is A Walk Among the Bogus from Lavender Ink Press in New Orleans.

Paul Corman-Roberts is a compulsive poet and a compulsive organizer. His latest collection of poems is called We Shoot Typewriters from Nomadic Press and he is a core-founder of Oakland’s Beast Crawl Festival. He once had coffee and donuts with Eldridge Cleaver.

Youssef Alaoui is known for his varied, dark, spiritual and carnal writings. His work has appeared in Exquisite Corpse, 580 Split, Cherry Bleeds, Carcinogenic Poetry, Red Fez. His work was nominated for the Pushcart prize. Youssef’s novella, The Blue Demon is available on Amazon and at other bookstores.

Michael Rothenberg
is a poet, editor and publisher of the online literary magazine Big Bridge,  and co-founder of 100 Thousand Poets for Change (100TPC).

Michael’s editorial work includes several volumes in the Penguin Poets series: Overtime by Philip Whalen, As Ever by Joanne Kyger, David’s Copy by David Meltzer, and Way More West by Ed Dorn.

His poetry books include Unhurried Vision (La Alameda/University of New Mexico Press), Indefinite Detentions: A Dog Story (Shabda Press USA and Ekstasis Press CANADA) and Murder (Paper Book Press). Drawing The Shade is due out from Dos Madres Press in 2016.

© 2016, illustration, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved

DOING THE RIGHT THING … Unitarian Universalist Clerics Publish Open Letter of Support for Muslim Community

Rev. Ben Meyers of San Mateo, just one of the twelve clerics who signed this letter
Rev. Ben Meyers of San Mateo, just one of the thirteen clerics who signed this letter

Keeping it Kind. I am so very proud of the Unitarian Universalistist Clergy of the San Francisco Bay Area for their open hearts and their OPEN LETTER in support of the MUSLIM COMMUNITY. It was read at the MultiFaith Prayer service at the Yasmeen (Islamic) Cultural Center in Burlingame, California on Sunday, December 13, 2015.

December 13, 2015 An Open Letter

Dear People,

We are writing to call attention to a great injustice and to ask your help in addressing it.

Not that many years ago Catholics were seen as some “other” who could not be good Americans. More recently Jews suffered many insults and abuses because they did not belong to the dominant faith – again, seen as “other”. Good people rallied to stand with them and, over time, they have become so integrated into the fabric of our country that it is now unimaginable without them.

500px-Flaming_Chalice.svgToday we are seeing the same sort of prejudice and, on occasion, dreadful acts of violence directed at Muslims. They are our contemporary “other”. These are our neighbors, co-workers, and our friends. They serve in every branch of our American military. They are our doctors, lawyers, police officers, nurses, teachers and social workers. They are us.

Because of the actions of a very few, some current American politicians and others are sparking fear and hatred against the entire Muslim faith community.

In response, people of good-will and conscience must stand up and speak out. Many already have. Some, clinging to the haunting words of Pastor Martin Niemoeller, are asking “who will stand with them?” It is time to answer that question. We will. We, the Unitarian Universalist clergy of the San Francisco Bay/Peninsula, stand with the Muslim community.

We urge you to do so as well. Please take a stand and say your peace.

With faith in love beyond all beliefs,
The Reverend JD Benson, San Francisco
The Reverend John Buehrens, San Francisco
The Reverend Stefanie Etzbach-Dale, Redwood City
The Reverend Pamela Gehrke, San Mateo
The Reverend Elaine Gehrmann, Monterrey
The Reverend Axel Gehrmann, Monterrey
The Reverend Alyson Jacks, San Francisco
The Reverend Nancy Palmer Jones, San Jose
The Reverend Nina Kalmoutis, Sunnyvale
The Reverend Russ Menk, Aptos
The Reverend Ben Meyers, San Mateo
The Reverend Vail Weller, San Mateo
The Reverend Amy Zucker-Morgenstern, Palo Alto

Note:  Please feel free to share this letter through WordPress’ “reblog” feature or by cutting and pasting. If you’d like me to the post in HTML to make it easier, please let me know. J.D.