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Woody Allen (b. 1935), actor, playwriter,filmmaker, comedian
Woody Allen (b. 1935), actor, musician, filmmaker and screenwriter, comedian

Happy Birthday, Woody Allen!

“As an artist, you are always striving toward an ultimate achievement but never seem to reach it.”

Before the day is out, I have to take a moment to acknowledge Woody Allen on his birthday. He’s one of my favorites screenwriters and a quintessential New Yorker.  He debuted as a screenwriter in 1965 and has written at least one screenplay a year since then.  He’s won four Academy Awards, three for screenplays, and was nominated twenty-four times.

“That’s one of the nice things about writing, or any art; if the thing’s real, it just lives.”

My favorite Woody Allen movie?  Well, it does change from time-to-time. Tonight?  Midnight in Paris.  And Owen Wilson was so good at playing it Woodyesque.

Photo credit ~ Colin Swain under CC BY-SA 3.0 license

Orhan Pamuk: The Fear of Being Left Outside, What Literature Needs to Address

Orhan Pamuk (b. 1952), Istanbul Turkey, Novelist
Orhan Pamuk (b. 1952), Istanbul Turkey, Novelist ~ photo courtesy of Mr. Pamuk

“What literature needs most to tell and investigate today are humanity’s basic fears: the fear of being left outside, and the fear of counting for nothing, and the feelings of worthlessness that come with such fears; the collective humiliations, vulnerabilities, slights, grievances, sensitivities, and imagined insults, and the nationalist boasts and inflations that are their next of kin … Whenever I am confronted by such sentiments, and by the irrational, overstated language in which they are usually expressed, I know they touch on a darkness inside me. We have often witnessed peoples, societies and nations outside the Western world–and I can identify with them easily–succumbing to fears that sometimes lead them to commit stupidities, all because of their fears of humiliation and their sensitivities. I also know that in the West–a world with which I can identify with the same ease–nations and peoples taking an excessive pride in their wealth, and in their having brought us the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and Modernism, have, from time to time, succumbed to a self-satisfaction that is almost as stupid.”

—Orhan Pamuk, Nobel Lecture (translation by Maureen Freely), 2006


Some thoughts for today for us as writers, artists, and bloggers and simply as humans being. How do you feel about this statement? Is it fair?
… and thus we begin a new week …