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you left one winter day to balancé on sunbeams and pirouette on the moon, artfully swirling lunar dust and scattering it over our dreams, sparking our lives with your memory, your love a legacy of dance for tiny ballerinas …………see us now . . .  as well-worn as your old toe shoes © 2015, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved; Photo credit ~ pointe shoes by Lambtron via Wikipedia under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported… Read More

… and it is Eddie Izzard after all so there is some (Warning!) unseemly language sprinkled alongside the Latin-ish.  Enjoy! It’s quite brilliant.

When I remember you I remember the amber moon and the burnished brown of old oaks, their leaves like hands waving goodbye Summertime, as dusk transitioned to dark, we’d sit on the beach by slow cooking-fires, their coals gone from hard black to gray dust I cherished your warm hug in the chill of the night and falling asleep, safe I stopped loving you, but I never stopped loving the memory of you I… Read More

“That some of those labelled as enemies have crossed the lines to offer condolences at the mourning tents; that the mourning families spoke to each other as parents and cried on each others’ shoulders; that we cried for the children who died on both sides of the divide; that the war began anyway; that hope must still remain with those who cross borders, ignore false lines and divisions; that children should be… Read More