Monthly Archives: November 2015

Sometimes joy is as simple as finding a film that doesn’t involve violence and murder. In the midst of a world that is suffering pain and loss in every nook and cranny, I found a wonderful documentary film, BOOK CLUB: The Adventure of a Lifetime.  It’s about a group of women living in the Washington, D.C. area in 1947. They formed a book club that was still active as of 2009, the year the film was… Read More

15 November 2015 Welcome to our first issue that is focusing on at-risk youth. Our mission today in our topical section is to share stories and poems that cause us to think about youth in a different way. Who are at-risk youth? Where are they? Often, they seem invisible to the world until they are splashed across the news in dramatic headlines. We can all remember the photos of dead children washing… Read More

Note: I didn’t pull this piece together.  It was created by Michael Dickel and is posted here with his permission.  Michael’s most recent poetry collection, the chapbook War Surrounds Us (Is a Rose Press, 2015), is a moving collection, a cry for peace as is this feature.  My piece, The Poet As Witness: “War Surrounds Us,” an interview with American-Israeli Poet Michael Dickel, is HERE. J.D. Using a Wikipedia list, even with all of its… Read More

I don’t know who to credit for this, but it says what needs to be said.