Monthly Archives: May 2016

oh! simple the beginnings, the apple of amazement, the core of an idea, and out slips the memories, the injustices on which the child-mind puzzled, processing in adolescence, then big girl, grown woman, chasten the world, plant the seeds of awakening courage in slender frame, high thoughts in rounded forehead, the long expressive hands, the sweeping circumstances, Africa, Arabia, Europe, U.S., first the suffering and tears, then the work, work, work ~ courage in… Read More

Way back when, one of my main motivations for ditching my flip phone and getting a smart phone (best thing I ever did) was the camera. As much as anything, I got my iPhone 5c to take, edit and manipulate photos. I wanted to be able to illustrate poems and other works. I’ve also had some ideas for videos I’d like to make and the video below is my first experiment. I used Animoto,… Read More

CONTEST Opportunity Knocks TWO OF CUPS “is excited to read for its annual chapbook contest between April 15th and June 15th. One winning manuscript will be chosen by 2015 winner, Raegen Pietrucha. Winner will be announced August 1st, the author receiving 25 copies of his/her book. Two finalists (chosen by our editor) will receive 10 copies of his/her book. A list of honorable mentions will receive recognition on our website.” Details HERE… Read More

NORTHWEST FOLK FESTIVAL: Popular storyteller Naomi Baltuck (Writing Between the Lines) and her husband Thom Baltuck are performing this weekend (Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-30) at the Northwest Folk Festival in Seattle. The performance schedule is HERE. NAOMI BALTUCK (Writing Between the Lines)~ is a Contributing Editor and Resident Storyteller at The BeZine. She is a world-traveler and an award-winning writer, photographer. Her works of fiction and nonfiction are available through Amazon HERE. Naomi presents her… Read More