Monthly Archives: January 2017

At the flower market this morning I thought of us and our naked lives Did you notice the star lilies bowing and the whirling cups of green calyxes? A painter’s pallette of color there fretting in terra-cotta, feral and windblown A fabulous fusion of scent and form, forests of nectar-pots on knobby stems, the stuff of heaven for the anthophilous In just a day or two, they’ll be gone I couldn’t help… Read More

With the largest number of migrants the world has ever seen – 244 million in 2015 – people who are displaced by exile, violence, poverty and environmental issues resulting from climate change, it’s hard not to think of poets like Darwish who lived or live large portions of their lives in exile from their homelands. “. . . he says I am from there, I am from here, but I am neither… Read More

CALLS FOR SUBMISSIONS Opportunity Knocks REJECTED POETRY JOURNAL, poetry that doesn’t fit “is a place for those little lost poems that just don’t fit in. Poems that have been rejected a dozen times by even the worst lit mags. Poems that have been rejected by their crush. Poems that barely survived the editing process. Poems that didn’t get finished. Poems that not even the poet believes in. Poems will appear on RPJ intermittently.” This looks… Read More

Yesterday the call went out to clergy and lay leaders for a telephone gathering to discuss the U.S. presidential orders issued during the first week of the new administration, which I notice lately some are calling a “regime.” These orders are efforts to undermine voting rights, encourage racism and sexism, and to punish sanctuary cities.The concern is that if we don’t respond immediately to these threats, they will become the new normal. The Rev. Dr. William Barber,… Read More