“The Bride Wore Yellow” and “Heart Under Lock and Key”, two poems . . . and this week’s Wednesday Writing Prompt



“…weddings are giant Rorschach tests onto which everyone around you projects their fears, fantasies, and expectations — many of which they’ve been cultivating since the day you were born.” Susan Jane Gilman, New York Times Best Selling Author. She went to Stuyvesant High School on Chambers Street in Manhattan where Frank McCourt was her English teacher and a mentor.

after Ann’s wedding

yellow, like it highlights the flames of autumn
and sparks cornfields and the California hills,
the oranges and ruddy browns of some cats,
the sunrise at springtime, a harvest moon,
jack-o’-lanterns on Halloween and daffodils

yellow, like her accidental wedding, unplanned
but so perfect, subtle yet somehow spicy nice,
symbol of joy and delight, fourth chakra powers,
way of summer hugs and roses saying goodbye,
honest, you know, not like a silly tale told in white

Originally published in Bay Area Poet Ann Emerson’s online Wedding Album. Ann was married from her hospital bed just two days before she died. A sad but beautiful story. The complete back story and samples of her poetry are HERE.

© 2013, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved

I wait until I hear a gate latch lift
the turn of key in lock.
I sit amongst toys and unwashed clothes,
I sit and she fingers the beads until you speak
in a voice that no longer seems familiar, only strange.
I turn as our child tugs at the string.
I hear a snap and a sound like falling rain.
The Albatross, Kate Bass, The Pasta Maker
I really wanted
to speak to you of this:
the love I had wild
and so long ago
Now it’s dry,
a land parched
by drought
Once a love moist
as a spring rain,
delicate as snow drops,
prolific as a poet
I gave you my love
a tender thing
A well-written poem
on twenty-pound linen
You tossed love back
wrinkled and torn,
nicotine stained,
smelling of whiskey
I handed you love
on our white wedding day
when you kept your heart
under lock and key
Your eyes wouldn’t
seek mine at the rail
I gave my love to you
in the palms of our child
You brushed his sweet face
and flew on your way
You lost yourself in a
the land of golden girls
Now, I too keep my heart
safe under lock and key
Heavy the lock is
closed so tight with rust
No hope in sight
No hope wanted
© 2010, Jamie Dedes

“Jamie, I was touched that you used my poem as a starting point for one of your own. I liked your imagery, particularly the love in the palms of a child, and it is good to see that you touched others too.

“The time when you have young children is a very difficult time in any relationship, however strong it is. This was one of a series I wrote to try and document the complex mixture of emotions: love, hate, despair, hope, frustration and fulfilment, that new parents feel regardless of whether their relationship survives or not.” Kate Bass



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