there are a hundred-thousand stories in the naked city …

… at least one of them is about walking fearlessly through the understated beauty of San Mateo downtown at night. I’ve been thinking of that as I settle into my new city and my new home in an area that doesn’t lend itself to evening walks with their peace and their quiet inspiration.

“Night is a time of rigor, but also of mercy. There are truths which one can see only when it’s dark.” Isaac Bashevis Singer

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© 2014, photographs (San Mateo, CA), Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved

a yellow bee whispers poems in my good ear

Setting-up a garage sale one Saturday provided me with enough exercise to last a week. I needed Sunday and Monday to recuperate. Because I was too intimidated to advertise, business was slow. The best part of the day – like the best part of life – was spent visiting with my sturdy helpers, a friend and the CitySon Philosopher. We sat in the sun, traded stories and observations, and enjoyed a faint breeze.

Turns out that my friend likes Sunset’s cookbooks too. The recipes are always kitchen tested, and the books are compact, don’t take up much real estate. We talked about monks of any religion and their habit of eating once a day. My world is at once stable and ephemeral. A little yellow bee whispers poems in my good ear …

The wall-eyed gentleman sees double

A great mountain becomes a demarcation

or perhaps it’s a divination in stone

By moonlight I watch my shadow dance

 where matter ends and pure energy begins

© 2018, stray thoughts, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved; Photo credit; Anna Langova, Public Domain