quiet time

From Gretchen Del Rio: Wisdom for any day but especially welcome in the Time of COVID-19.

Gretchen Del Rio's Art Blog

watercolor 5/2020

“Just slow down.
Slow down your speech.
Slow down your breathing.
Slow down your walking.
Slow down your eating.
And let this slower, steadier
pace perfume your mind.
Just slow down…”

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the night the stars fell

Rest from the pandemic with a moment of peace from the inimitable sacred art painter, Gretchen Del Rio.

Gretchen Del Rio's Art Blog

watercolor 4/2020

There is a traditional Lakota story. It is told that a beautiful woman appeared and gave the tribes profound teachings. She gave them seven sacred ceremonies to protect Mother Earth and the ceremonial pipe. After imparting the wisdom she transformed into a white buffalo calf. To this day the white buffalo remains a symbol of that mystical appearance of ‘White Buffalo Calf Woman.’

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keeper of the dream time

Another peace-filled painting from Gretchen Del Rio. A healing post for today ….

Gretchen Del Rio's Art Blog

watercolor 5 x 7 4/2020

The Bear is the keeper of the dream time, and stores the teachings of dreams until the dreamer wakes up to them. Many Native American tribes have called this space of inner-knowing the Dream Lodge, where the death of the illusion of physical reality overlays the expansiveness of eternity.

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Red Clad Girl with a Dog, an ekphrastic poem

Géza Vőrős 1897 1957 ( Hungarian Painter )
Red clad girl and with dog ,1933

“The Universe said, ‘Let me show your soul something beautiful.”  Aberjhani, Elemental: The Power of Illuminated Love

My Amparo dresses in black and white, as
I used to, “like a nun” said Consortia, then
One night I saw moonlight smiling over deep
Wood, birch bark shredding in papery layers
And witch’s broom growing in tall white pine
I heard whimpering rills, frogs and crickets,
Saw hummingbirds, a purple-throated carib
Sipping nectar from blooms in Dominica
I heard a lion roaring in Africa, learned of
An Italian and his espresso and a sweet
Brazilian girl who fell In love by the Amazon
All this I began celebrating in red, dancing in red,
Sleeping in red, making my tea and toast in red,
Living with a capital “L” on bare feet and clad in
A lively red silk dress with slits on each side

© 2020, Jamie Dedes

I recently joined a modern arts group on Facebook and someone posted this photograph of Géza Vőrős painting. It captured my imagination and so it goes …

Jamie Dedes:

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