Rest from the pandemic with a moment of peace from the inimitable sacred art painter, Gretchen Del Rio.

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watercolor 4/2020

There is a traditional Lakota story. It is told that a beautiful woman appeared and gave the tribes profound teachings. She gave them seven sacred ceremonies to protect Mother Earth and the ceremonial pipe. After imparting the wisdom she transformed into a white buffalo calf. To this day the white buffalo remains a symbol of that mystical appearance of ‘White Buffalo Calf Woman.’

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    He’s there again on the apex of the gable,
    telling the world he’s got the title deeds
    to number 14. There’s a boundary, not marked
    on any map but he knows where it is,
    so stay outside. Unless of course you’re a female
    looking to share a very des.res. And raise some chicks.

    Was there ever a warning sign as musical as this?
    Not the baritone drone of the collar dove
    or the obligato chatter of the sparrow’s octet,
    not even the starling’s jazzy chuckling
    somewhere between a sax and clarinet

    No, none of these but the fluted mastery
    of notes and scales, the end stops of our waking day
    as he rings down the dark-blue curtains of the sky
    and echoes curl inside the silent leaves.

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