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Rest from the pandemic with a moment of peace from the inimitable sacred art painter, Gretchen Del Rio.

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watercolor 4/2020

There is a traditional Lakota story. It is told that a beautiful woman appeared and gave the tribes profound teachings. She gave them seven sacred ceremonies to protect Mother Earth and the ceremonial pipe. After imparting the wisdom she transformed into a white buffalo calf. To this day the white buffalo remains a symbol of that mystical appearance of ‘White Buffalo Calf Woman.’

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Poetry Foundation (U.S.) on COVID-19 Relief; “Zoom” in on Angora Poets World Caffé, All Languages Welcome

Illustration courtesy of Trust “Tru” Katsande, Unsplash

“some moments are nice, some are
nicer, some are even worth
Charles Bukowski, War All the Time

Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry, announced this week that its core mission, in direct support of poets, is to remain committed to its programs that serve as an important source of financial support for poets, writers, and artists through contributor fees, honoraria, award prizes, and commissions.

“The poetry and publishing communities are facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19, and while we are uniquely positioned, we are still no exception. The economic downturn is causing a significant immediate impact and unknown long-term impact to the value of our endowment, our primary source of revenue to support publishing Poetry magazine and the organization’s mission and programs into perpetuity.

“Despite the financial pressures, we are maintaining our programs, staff, and doing what we are able, which includes focusing our support close to home through the Arts for Illinois Relief Fund. While we are not able to make new commitments at this time, we will continue to assess the impact, and community needs on balance with our mission.”

Angora Poets World Caffé

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Zoom (link HERE) at 8 p.m. Paris time. Angora world caffé meets via  Zoom, hosting participants from the four corners of the planet. Presentations in all languages including English, French, Arabic, Spanish – your language welcome.

According to Moe Seager, “Angora Poets has been meeting every Sunday for three years. Similar to The BeZine I include proven poets – young and old, published and not – who show a craftwork.” For more info and to connect with Moe, link HERE.

Jamie Dedes:

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