look at those trees, will you, look! sun bursting into dazzling columns and eucalyptus dripping its stringy bark, drizzling its medicinal scent dragonflies stretch stenciled wings zephyr mambos with wild grasses sunshine camps out on shoulders the damp salty air curls our hair we tumble into the sea’s embrace to find that this is salvation and the mountain expanse a cathedral the ocean’s roar is its Te Deum for mortal beings: a… Read More

the open sky ,,,,tufts like spun sugar . . . white with sunlight layered on an endless blue blessing free-form and unbounded .       idly floating . . . waiting on nothing not the brightness of day nor the cool calm night ….present with our pleasure  . . . we eye one another my silent mind . . . t] their silent flow . . . . . . occasional… Read More

“When I studied a spiritual form of flower arrangement called Ikebana-Sangetsu, I found I was discovering the connection between all life. I was inspired to create this visual contemplation on the power of flowers to lead you directly into the compassion that underlies the web of connection.” This story “Living Beauty” can be found in Pamela Bloom’s The Power of Compassion: Stories that Open the Heart, Heal the Soul, and Change the World (Hampton… Read More

if only i knew what the artist knows about the great perfection in imperfection i would sip grace slowly at the ragged edges of the creek kiss the pitted face of the moon befriend the sea though it can be a danger embrace the thunder of a waterfall as if its strains were a symphony prostrate myself atop the rank dregs on the forest floor, worshiping them as compost for fertile seeds… Read More