history with the sky

over mountain edging sea
sun contemplates the trees
the trees eat up the sun
they blossom, the rivers run
and wise old rock by time inscribed
shares history with the sky

Bgi Sur, California

Big Sur, California

© 2013, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved; photo credit ~ Caliliver and released into the public domain


8 Comments on “history with the sky

  1. The Big Sur and being old
    And dreaming with Jack Kerouac
    And wishing I was back in the 60s
    When all the girls were pretty
    and Jack ruled the world of Desolation Angels
    and I had my own brief look
    through the curtain of conservative upbringing
    at the Darma Bums.

    And telling people I knew Ginsberg
    And William Carlos Williams
    And then you lift all the detritus
    of my life
    From off the present.
    You. Jamie Dedes
    And I like your poem
    But I really wish you never did.
    I wish I could forget I never marched against Viet Nam
    But I still like your poem
    It’s not your fault
    but I wish you hadn’t written one word.

    It makes me sad.


  2. …”shares history with the sky…” Beautiful, Jamie! Before Eli and I dropped Bea off at Stanford we took a quick trip down to Monterey. While Eli was touring the International school there, Bea and I took a few hours to see how far we could get along Big Sur. It is awesome, and you have captured it so well.


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