FRIDAY PHOTO FINISH: ‘Twas All Hallows Eve

‘Twas All Hallows Eve and all through the house
Every creature was stirring, even our pet mouse
The pumpkins were carved with very great care
In the hope that trick-or-treaters soon would be there
Oh the children were agitated, not one in her bed
As visions of bonbons danced in their heads
And Dad in his costume and me with my cap
Had settled by the door listening for the first rap
When out on the lawn there arose so much chatter
We sprang to our feet to check on the matter
We threw open our door to offer sweet stash
While witches flew by, all glitter and flash
And the moon on the rise and the dark ground below
Gave lustre and bluster to ghosts on the go
Then what to our startled eyes should appear,
But a miniature ballerina among goblins, one bear
Now, Alice! Now Ernie! Now Jimmy! Now Chris!
Come little Tony, big Brandy and Trish
To the top of the stairs, don’t any one fall …
Now dash away, dash away, dash away all

After Clement Clark Moore’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas


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And that’s it for my contribution to Halloween this year! Wishing you many treats and no cavities.

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©2010 (poem) and 2014 (photographs), Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved


10 Comments on “FRIDAY PHOTO FINISH: ‘Twas All Hallows Eve

  1. Oh, Jamie, how delightful. I read it to my husband with a giggle in my voice. You made my day so much happier.


  2. Apparently our village decided Trick or Treating would take place last Sunday…and we were still on the road, so we missed it. Oh, well. Let All Hallows break loose…Steve’s birthday and my sister’s is tomorrow, All Saints. A good reason to celebrate!


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