Spirit of the Wolf ‘The spirit of the wolf resides in my heart Mostly peacefully, but ever wild Running in time to the blowing wind, Dancing in the clouds that drift in the heavens The spirit of the wolf resides in my soul.” – Gretchen Del Rio The Howl or How Wild Women Press Came to Be by Victoria Bennett At twenty-six, I met an owl. It turned out to be one… Read More

Some thoughts from  Rev. Ben … John Scalzi is a Straight White Man who has a website called Whatever … I’m staring at the asphalt wondering what’s buried underneath. A member of our congregation sent me the link to this site after I told him I was going to preach this sermon on “Intersectionality and the Transforming Power of Love.”  In his tagline to describe the content of his site John Scalzi says he’s been… Read More

This is Unitarian Universalist Minister Rev. Ben Meyers’ sermon celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday and delivered to our congregation on Sunday, January 15. Yesterday, this congregation opened its heart and its doors to our neighbors and friends for the twenty-eighth consecutive year of celebrating this holiday, which commemorates the life and legacy of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. We organize this event in conjunction with the Annual Essay, Poetry and Art Contest. This contest, which… Read More

I feel almost inclined to start this story with “once upon a time” since it feels that we began our adventure so long ago.  I started The Bardo Group (though it wasn’t titled that way to begin with) in 2011 as a way to encourage a sort of world without borders by having people from different cultures and religions come together to show what’s in their hearts and in doing so to demonstrate that with all our differences… Read More