Opportunities Knock for Poets and Writers: Calls for Submissions, Contests, Fellowships

“He would give every penny he has (such is the malignity of the germ) to write one little book and become famous; yet all the gold in Peru will not buy him the treasure of a well-turned line.”  Virginia Woolf,Orlando


“THE BeZINE” CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS thebezine.com is open for submissions to the upcoming March issue, deadline March 10, themed Waging Peace. Please forward your submissions to bardogroup@gmail.com No odd formatting. Submit poems and narratives in the body of your email along with a BRIEF bio. Art and photography may be submissed as attachements. Work submitted via Facebook or message will not be considered for publication. We are also devoting the BLOG POSTS THROUGHOUT FEBRUARY to work addressing illness and disability. Submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, feature articles, art, photography, and music videos and anything that lends itself to online posting. There are no demographic restrictions. Please forward your submissions to bardogroup@gmail.com. No odd formatting. Submit poems and narrative in the body of your email along with a BRIEF bio. Art and photography may be submitted as attachements. Work submitted via Facebook or message will not be considered for publication. We encourage you to submit work in your first language, but it must be accompanied by translation into English. Further details HERE.

BROKEN PENCIL is open for submissions to its quarterly magazine that publishes news pieces, how-to and resource guides for creators, investigations, thematic spreads, political screeds and other features and pieces that appeal to its community of talented and politically engaged zine/comic/DIY creators, supporters and aficionados. Details HERE.

ENTROPY MAGAZINE announces that it is “currently and indefinitely open for submissions of Reviews (collaborative reviews, video reviews, & nontraditional reviews are welcome), Interviews/Conversations, Discussions/Roundtables, & Articles/Essays/Notes/Rants/Lists/Writings related to or falling into any of the following categories: Creative Nonfiction, Lyrical Essay, Personal Essay, Literature, Experimental Writing, Small Presses, Translation, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Games (Video games, board games, computer games), Science, Digital & Interactive Literature, Travel, the Paranormal, Television, Film, Music, Food, Culture & Art.” Details HERE.

POETS READING THE NEWS publishes original poetry about current events from around the world. The editors are open to submissions 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  Details HERE.

ZINGARA POETRY REVIEW, A Space for Practicing Poets publishes themed poetry each month. For Poetry Month (April) there is no them. Details HERE.


KALISTO GAIA PRESS has an open call for its 2020 Contemporary Poetry Chapbook Prize with the deadline extended through 01/20/2020 Cash award $800 + $300 travel stipend to Austin Texas, twenty copies to the winner, publication by Kallisto Gaia Press, and twenty copies sent to reviewers. Send 28-48 pages of contemporary poetry and a $20 entry fee. All who enter receive a copy of the winning chapbook. 2018 Texas Poet Laureate, Carol Coffee Reposa will judge. Further details HERE.

PURAZM PAKISTAN AWARDS is a communication campaign and PurAzm Awards is a national competition by Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of Pakistan, which seeks to acknowledge young storytellers chronicling Pakistan’s resilience against violent extremism. Competition themes: Interfaith Harmony, Peace Over Violence, Resilience Against Extremism, Stop Supporting Terrorism. This competition invites a range of media platforms: film making, photography, news stories, profile stores and offers cash awards, fellowship, showcase on television. Details HERE.


THE MARTH’S VINEYARD INSTITUTE OF CREATIVE WRITING offer educators, writers of color, parent-writers, and authors/poets with financial need the opportunity to attend the Summer Writers’ Conference every year. Through generous donations, we are able to offer a wide range of  full and partial tuition/lodging fellowships. Information and application instructions HERE.

NEW YORK FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS 2019-20 award cycle is open now through January 22, 2020 at 11:59 PM (EST). The following categories will be reviewed: Craft/Sculpture, Digital/Electronic Arts, Nonfiction Literature, Poetry, Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts. Residency requirement. Details HERE.


A POETS’ AGORA RESIDENCY is a two week residency scheduled for May 2020 and located in Plaka, Athens, Greece. Deadline for applications: January 31st.  Details HERE.

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“Democracy is not a spectator sport.” Bernie Sanders

“Every pair of eyes facing you has probably experienced something you could not endure.”  Lucille Clifton

Opportunity Knocks: Calls for Submissions; Fellowship (undocumented poet living in U.S.)

the wind of Fuji
I’ve brought on my fan
a gift from Edo
Matsuo Bashō (Japan,1644-1694)


ARAB LIT QUARTERLY has an open call for submissions of translations of poetry, plays, fiction, comics into English from the Arabic. Pitches deadline: October 15. Final deadline: November 1. No submission fee. Paying market. Details HERE

FRONTIER POETRY‘s New Voices submission opportunity is open. Payment. No submission fee. Details HERE. (Scroll down below the closed contest announcement.)

HYPERALLERGIC publishes a range of material including poetry and “hundreds of freelance contributors and [we] are always looking for new writers, especially those who come from marginalized communities.” Details HERE.

MADRAS COURIER is open for poetry and other submissions. The zine is HERE. Submissions go to editor@madrascourier.com

POETS READING THE NEWS “publishes original poetry about current events from around the world. We are open to submissions 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.” Submission fee: $3. Not a paying market. Details HERE.

PORTLAND METROZINE is a quarterly publication that welcome submissions from around the world and publishes a range of creative material including poetry.  Details HERE.

RE-SIDE ZINE is a new publication preparing for its second issue, stating “looking for writing that resides outside of the norm. We are especially interested in work that pushes the boundaries of identity and questions that status quo.” Current submission period closes on September 24. Details HERE.

SIXFOLD $5 / “All-writer-voted and open to all, Sixfold three-round manuscript voting is the most rigorous, thorough, fair, and transparent editorial selection process available. To create each issue, hundreds of writers vote to select the best fiction and poetry manuscripts with much more discernment than any other editorial.” Details HERE.

WORK Literary Magazine publishes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry about work. Details HERE.


FRONTIER POETRY‘s 2010 fellowship is open through October 31 for applications from poets who are undocumented and residing in the U.S.A. Details HERE.

No contest announcements at this time.  

Events are posted to The Poet by Day Facebook Page.

Thanks to Michael Dickel (Meta /Phor(e)/Play) for two of these leads.

DISCLAIMER: Often information is just thatinformation– and not necessarily recommendation. I haven’t worked with all the publications or other organizations featured on The Poet by Day.  Awards and contests are often (generally) a means to generate income, publicity and marketing mailing lists for the host organizations, some of which are more reputable than others. I no longer attend events.  Caveat Emptor: Please be sure to verify information for yourself before submitting work, buying products, paying fees or attending events et al.


Jamie Dedes. I’m a Lebanese-American freelance writer, poet, content editor, blogger and the mother of a world-class actor and mother-in-law of a stellar writer/photographer. No grandchildren, but my grandkitty, Dahlia, rocks big time. I am hopelessly in love with nature and all her creatures. In another lifetime, I was a columnist, a publicist, and an associate editor to a regional employment publication. I’ve had to reinvent myself to accommodate scarred lungs, pulmonary hypertension, right-sided heart failure, connective tissue disease, and a rare managed but incurable blood cancer. The gift in this is time for my primary love: literature. I study/read/write from a comfy bed where I’ve carved out a busy life writing feature articles, short stories, and poetry and managing The BeZine and its associated activities and The Poet by Day jamiededes.com, an info hub for writers meant to encourage good but lesser-known poets, women and minority poets, outsider artists, and artists just finding their voices in maturity. The Poet by Day is dedicated to supporting freedom of artistic expression and human rights.  Email thepoetbyday@gmail.com for permissions, commissions, or assignments.

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Recent and Upcoming in Digital Publications Poets Advocate for Peace, Justice, and Sustainability, YOPP! , September * The Damask Garden, In a Woman’s Voice, August 11, 2019 / This short story is dedicated to all refugees. That would be one in every 113 people. * Five poems, Spirit of Nature, Opa Anthology of Poetry, 2019 * From the Small Beginning, Entropy Magazine (Enclave, #Final Poems), July 2019 * Over His Morning Coffee, Front Porch Review, July 2019 * Three poems, Our Poetry Archive, September 2019

“Every pair of eyes facing you has probably experienced something you could not endure.”  Lucille Clifton

SUNDAY ANNOUNCEMENTS: Calls for Submissions, Contests, Events and Other Information and News


A Place for Freelance Writers and Artists, The Haven Foundation (created by Stephen King) “gives financial assistance to provide temporary support needed to safeguard and sustain the careers of established freelance artists, writers and other members of the arts and art production communities who have suffered disabilities or experienced a career-threatening illness, accident, natural disaster or personal catastrophe. Grants are awarded and renewed at the discretion of the Haven Foundation Board.” Details including eligibility guidelines and application are HERE.

The Authors League Fund (writers helping writers) has assisted professional writers and dramatists who find themselves in financial need because of medical or health-related problems, temporary loss of income, or other misfortune. Details HERE.

Human Rights Watch administers the Hellman/Hammett Grants program for writers who have been victims of political persecution or are in financial need.Hellman/Hammett grants typically range from $1,000 to a maximum of $10,000. In addition to providing much needed financial assistance, the Hellman/Hammett grants focus attention on repression of free speech and censorship by publicizing the persecution that the grant recipients endured. Details HERE: 212 292 4700

PEN Writers’ Fund Grants of up to $2,000 available to published writers in acute financial crisis. No membership necessary. Application and details HEREarielle@pen.org Note the next deadline is February 15.


The Oxford American welcomes submissions for The Oxford American Jeff Baskin Writers Fellowship. Fellow will receive a $10,000 living stipend, housing, and an editorial apprenticeship with the Oxford American toward a nine-month residency in the thriving creative capital, Central Arkansas. Submissions are open until March 24, 2018. Read more about eligibility and guidelines, here.


Opportunity Knocks

COTTON XENOMORPH a relatively new “journal produced with the mission to showcase new and ecstatic art” focused on social justice. Its editors categorize it as a “no creeps” publication … that is, no xenophobes, sexist, fat-shamers and the like … much the spirit of The BeZine. Nice!  Although new, it’s clearly getting its groove on with a nice mix of poetry, fiction and visual arts are of interest. No submission charges. No payment. Copyright remains with the author. Details HERE.

ECOTONE MAGAZINE, Reimaging Place, a publication of University of North Carolina Wilmington, is published twice a year and features prose and poetry. Submissions are open from August 15–September 5, and again from December 15–January 5. Mark your calendar. Details HERE.

FIELDS MAGAZINE publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual arts. Submission are accepted on a rolling basis. Query for articles, profiles, interviews and essays. $3 submission fee to help defray operational costs, which may be deferred in hardship cases. Details HERE.

HERON TREE:  invites submissions through 8 April 2018 for a special series devoted to visual poetry crafted for presentation in a black-and-white format. “Visual poetry” means different things to different people, and the editors are open to a wide range of submissions, including but by no means limited to: concrete poetry, calligrams, altered text, erasures, typewriter art, asemics, abstractions, collages of words and/or images, poems in which visual arrangement is primary and unconventional, and poems that aren’t readable out loud but communicate visually. Accepted pieces will be published on the Heron Tree website (herontree.com) and collected in a free, downloadable PDF e-volume.  Editorial reading and decisions are on a rolling basis. For more information about how to submit your work, visit herontree.com/how.

JOURNAL OF MODERN LITERATURE, UNIVERSITY OF INDIANA PRESS is published quarterly and welcomes submission on scholarly studies of literature in all languages. Details HERE.

NARRATIVELY, Human Stories, Boldly Told ” is devoted to original and untold human stories, delivered in the most appropriate format for each piece, from writing to short documentary films, photo essays, audio stories and comics journalism. We are always interested in adding new, diverse voices to the mix and we pay for stories. We accept both pitches for story ideas and completed submissions …”  Details HERE.

OXFORD AMERICAN publishes fiction and nonfiction and its window for submissions closes on September 1. Submission free. Details HERE.

WILDNESS REVIEW “is an online literary journal that seeks to promote contemporary fiction, poetry and non-fiction that evokes the unknown. Founded in 2015, each thoughtfully compiled issue strives to unearth the works of both established and up-and-coming writers.” This review works on a rolling submissions basis. Poetry (under 80 lines) and prose (under 2,500 words). No submission fees. No payment. Wilderness reviews does “nominate for most major prizes (Pushcart, Best of the Net, Best American, etc.) and continue to promote contributors after publication.” Details HERE.

WORDRUNNER eCHAPBOOKs publishes short stories collections and is open through April 15.  Some stories may be previously  published. Submission fee. Cash payment. Details HERE.


Opportunity Knocks

THE ANTIVENOM POETRY AWARD sponsored by Elixir Press is for a first or second collection and is open through March 31. Cash award. Entry  fee. Details HERE.

THE ELIXIR PRESS 2018, FICTION AWARD for short story collections and novels is open for submissions through May 31 and offers a cash prize, publication and copies. Entry fee. Details HERE.

THE KILLER NASHVILLE CLAYMORE AWARD for English-language genre fiction (mystery and thriller) is open through April 1. Cash awards. Entry fees.  Details HERE.

THE NEW AMERICAN POETRY PRIZE “is awarded each year to a full-length collection of poetry. The winner receives $1,000 and a book contract, as well as 25 author’s copies and promotional support. The submission period is usually September 1 – January 1. Mark you calendar for 2018. Details HERE.

THE NEW AMERICAN FICTION PRIZE  is awarded each year to a full-length collection of fiction. The winner receives $1,000 and a book contract, as well as 25 author’s copies and promotional support. The submission period is usually February 15 – June 15.” Details HERE.

TIN HOUSE features fiction, nonfiction and poetry and accepts submissions March and September only. Details HERE.


  • Tin House Summer Workshop, July 8th-15th, Portland, OR is accepting application now. Details HERE.
  • National poetry Series Winners Reading, AWP Offsite Event, Tampa, Florida March 8 Details HERE.
  • Reading Queer: Poetry in a Time of Chaos, AWP off-site reading, Tampa, Florida, March 9 Details HERE.

100 Thousand Poets for Change (Official)'s photo.

FEB15 Reading: Michael Dickel, Kristine Snodgrass and Terri CarrionHosted by 100 Thousand Poets for Change (Official)

This reading and mixer event presents Michael Dickel, the first 2018 resident for the 100 Thousand Poets for Change On Lake Jackson Residency Program-Tallahassee, FL.

Michael Dickel’s (Meta/Phor(3)/Play) poetry has won international awards and has been translated into several languages. His most recent books of poetry include Breakfast at the End of Capitalism (2017) and The Palm Reading after The Toad’s Garden (2016). He is co-editor of Voices Israel Volume 36 (2010), was managing editor for arc-23 and 24, and is a past-chair of the Israel Association of Writers in English. With producer / director David Fisher, he received an NEH documentary-film development grant. Michael Dickel lives in Jerusalem.

Kristine Snodgrass is the author of most recently Out of the World (Hysterical Books, 2016), Co-director of Anhinga Press, and a professor at FAMU. She loves collaborating and is always searching for new projects with artists and poets.

Terri Carrión was conceived in Venezuela and born in New York to a Galician mother and Cuban father. Her poetry, fiction, non-fiction, translations, and photography has appeared and disappeared in print and online. She is assistant editor and art designer for Bigbridge.org., and co-founder of the global grassroots movement 100 Thousand Poets for Change.


Accessible anytime from anywhere in the world:

  • The Poet by Day always available online with poems, poets and writers, news and information.
  • The Poet by Day, Wednesday Writing Prompt, online every week (except for vacation) and all are invited to take part no matter the stage of career (emerging or established) or status (amateur or professional). Poems related to the challenge of the week (always theme based not form based) will be published here on the following Tuesday.
  • The Poet by Day, Sunday Announcements. Every week (except for vacation) opportunity knocks for poets and writers.
  • THE BeZINE, Be Inspired, Be Creative, Be Peace, Be – always online HERE.  
  • Beguine Again, daily inspiration and spiritual practice  – always online HERE.  Beguine Again is the sister site to The BeZine.


All Poetry dubs itself the largest poetry community, more than 500,000 poets. “Friendly advice and encouragement and detailed critiques when you’re ready. All Poetry hosts free contests with $50 cash prizes, active discussion forums, and an annual anthology to which you may contribute.” Free and optional paid monthly memberships are available. (I have not sampled this myself, but a friend has and reports a mostly positive experience. She was involved for several years.)

d’Verse Poets Pub “is a place for poets and writers to gather to celebrate poetry. We are many voices, but one song. Our goal is to celebrate; poets, verse & the difference it can make in the world. To discover poetry’s many facets and revel in it’s beauty, even when ugly at times.” This is a smaller and more intimate group than All Poetry (above) would appear to be. I can testify that there are some excellent poets participating and coaching one another. This is quite an ambitious project, long running and lead by a dedicated team.

YOUR SUNDAY ANNOUNCEMENTS may be emailed to thepoetbyday@gmail.com. Please do so at least a week in advance.

If you would like me to consider reviewing your book, chapbook, magazine or film, here are some general guidelines:

  • send PDF to jamiededes@gmail.com (Note: I have a backlog of six or seven months, so at this writing I suggest you wait until June 2018 to forward anything. Thank you!)
  • nothing that foments hate or misunderstanding
  • nothing violent or encouraging of violence
  • English only, though Spanish is okay if accompanied by translation
  • your book or other product  should be easy for readers to find through your site or other venues.



PLEASE do not mix the communications between the two.

Often information is just thatinformation – and not necessarily recommendation. I haven’t worked with all the publications or other organizations featured in my regular Sunday Announcements or other announcements shared on this site. Awards and contests are often (generally) a means to generate income, publicity and marketing mailing lists for the host organizations, some of which are more reputable than others. I rarely attend events anymore. Caveat Emptor: Please be sure to verify information for yourself before submitting work, buying products, paying fees or attending events et al.


SUNDAY ANNOUNCEMENTS: Opportunities, Events, News and Other Information


Calls for Submissions

Opportunities Knocks

DRIFTWOOD PRESS, a quarterly literary magazine that is out of Florida, considers submission of fiction, poetry, photography, graphic narrative, literary criticism, and interviews. Details HERE.

GREAT WEATHER FOR MEDIA is still accepting submissions for consideration for its next annual anthology of poetry, flash fiction, short stories, dramatic monologues, and creative nonfiction. Deadline: January 15, 2017  Details HERE.

WEST TEXAS REVIEW is seeking submissions for its inaugural issue to include “poems, essays, flash fiction, and photographs that bring value to the page. We want work that is thoughtful, deliberate, and authentic. We want work that is concrete and direct, and can justify its own existence. Think of poets like William Carlos Williams, Anne Sexton, and Nikki Giovanni. Think of essayists like George Orwell. Think of short story writers like Donald Barthelme, Octavio Paz, and Jorge Luis Borges. We want your best work and, if you send us your best work, we will treat it with respect and care.” It apparently intends to accept submissions year-round but there’s no indication of the deadline for this first issue or the date of publication. Details HERE.

THE BeZINE theme for January is Resist. We are piggy-backing on Michael Rothenberg’s and Alan Kaufman’s call to American poets to resist the incoming president. Our effort is not restricted to poetry or to the United States. We’re doing a global call for submissions that counter policies – no matter what country – which undermine equity, foster poverty, encourage elitism, hate and scapegoating … all those things that pit people against people, putting many people at risk of disease, homelessness, starvation and murder. Please read the submission guidelines first. Send your work to bardogroup@gmail.com.

ARTEMISpoetry (UK) Poetry Deadlines: Issue 18, February 28, 2017 and Issue 19, August 31, 2017. “Women poets only, of any age. Unpublished poetry only and not out in submission elsewhere.  Strict limit:max 4 poems; the total number of lines in all should not exceed 200 lines (i.e. you could send a poem of 200 lines and this would restrict your submission to just one poem).  Two copies, A4 paper only [U.S. standard letter paper – 8 1/2 x 11 is the closest we have in the US to A4], typed or neatly handwritten.  Each numbered sheet to bear the poet’s contact details (name, address, telephone, e-mail). Artwork – Black and white photographs or line-art sketches are welcome for submission. Four max.Send to ARTEMISpoetry, ATTN.: Dilys Wood, 3 Springfield Close, East Preston, West Sussex, BN162 SZ.”


Opportunity Knocks

THE SOCIETY OF MIDLAND AUTHORS annual awards contest categories are adult fiction, adult nonfiction, biography, children’s fiction, children’s nonfiction and poetry. The announcement isn’t up yet so watch the site. It should post soon. Or, subscribe to its email updates. Details HERE.

THE RATTLE CHAPBOOK PRIZE accepting manuscripts of 15-30 pages for review. $20 entry fee includes a subscriptions. Multiple entries by a single poet are allowed as separate entries. Deadline: January 15, 2017 Details HERE.

MOMENT MAGAZINE-KARMA FOUNDATION Short Fiction Contest “encourages writers to submit stories related to Judaism or Jewish culture or history. Established in 2000. Moment will award up to three prizes to outstanding works of unpublished short fiction with Jewish content.” Winners will receive cash prizes and will read from their work in our annual Manhattan literary ceremony and celebration. First place: $1,000 plus possible publication Second place: $500 plus possible publication; Third place: $250 plus possible publication. Entry fee $15 Details HERE. Deadline: January 29, 2017

THE MASTERS REVIEW, a platform for emerging writers is hosting a winter award. The winning story will be awarded $2000 and publication online. Second and third place stories will be awarded publication and $200 and $100 respectively. All winners and honorable mentions will receive agency review by: Amy Williams of The Williams Agency, Victoria Marini from Irene Goodman, and Laura Biagi from Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, Inc. We want you to succeed, and we want your writing to be read. It’s been our mission to support emerging writers since day one.” Further detail HERE.


NIEMAN-BERKMAN KLEIN FELLOWSHIP in Journalism Innovation is for working journalist and the deadline for application is: International 12/31-2016, U.S. 1/31/2017 Details HERE.


Meet the Editors, Reading with Open Mic, A poetry reading that includes time for readers from the floor. 7:30 pm Sun, 5 Feb 2017 Torriano Meeting House [London (North West)]  Part of a series: Torriano £5/£4 according to pocketM Readings, Open Mic, & panel discussion…Host: Peter Phillips, Editors’: Alwyn Marriage (Oversteps Books), Jeremy Page (The Frogmore Press), Anne Stewart (poetry p f)

A Celebration of Cumbrian Poetry, Words by the Water Festival, Theatre by the Lake, Keswick [Keswick] North West, 5:30 pm Tue, 7 Mar 2017,Free Event. Helen Fletcher will be reading from the lightbulb has stigmata, supporting Jacci Bulman reading from her collection A whole day through from waking. There will also be readings from Alison Barr, Josephine Dickinson, Amy Heys, Nicola Jackson, Kathleen Jones, Kim Moore and Mary Robinson in a celebration of Cumbrian poetry.


Note: There are two videos in this section.  If you are reading this post from an email subscription, you’ll need to link through to the site to view them. Enjoy!

A poetry publisher on the math of rejection.


RECOMMEND READ FOR THIS WEEK (The Third Reconstruction): The man who is making a difference. The book that is changing perspectives and is fast becoming the “common read” at many organizations, the salve for our wounded hearts and souls. If you haven’t heard him talk and you’re not religious, just give him a chance. His strategy makes sense.

The Third Reconstruction: How a Moral Movement is Overcoming the Politics of Divsion and Fear by the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

800px-william_barber_at_moral_mondays_rallyREV. BARBER is a conservative Christian who embraces the full religious, ethnic and racial diversity of our country. Some say he is this era’s Martin Luther King, Jr.  He believes in the dignity and worth of all people and the essential inter-relationship of all human beings. He stands for compassion, unity and social, environmental and economic justice.

In reading his views and about his work, I found myself moved to both hope and joy. This memoir is not simply an emotional or moral reaction. It’s a pragmatic plan for a more just and equitable country. I agree with Rev. Barber that our emerging leadership is encouraging scapegoating, a divide-and-conquer strategy that foments racial strife and economic inequality and the pitting of the 99% against one-another for the exclusive benefit of the 1%.

” … he laid the groundwork for a state-by-state movement that unites black, white, and brown, rich and poor, employed and unemployed, gay and straight, documented and undocumented, religious and secular. Only such a diverse fusion movement, Rev. Barber argues, can heal our nation’s wounds and produce public policy that is morally defensible, constitutionally consistent, and economically sane. The Third Reconstruction is both a blueprint for movement building and an inspiring call to action from the twenty-first century’s most effective grassroots organizer.”

Photo credit ~ courtesy of TWBuckner under CC BY 2.O License

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