BARUCH, THE BAKER Your heart is smarter, my Baruch, then your head, which is smart indeed – and your hands and gnarly fingers are smarter still. They fashion bread from cream-colored flours, silky to the touch. Kneading the dough patiently, patiently letting it rise while I sleep – safe, in my bed. Up at six a.m. we walk sleepily down a lavender-gray street, an apricot sun peeking at us and, rising higher… Read More

Regular Sunday Announcements are in process and will post later today, but yesterday was International Holocaust Rememberence Day. I share the poem of a child imprisoned and murdered at Theresienstadt Concentration Camp. We remember it with the hope that there will never be another genocide and that children of every race, country and creed will be allowed to fulfill their promise, to grow up, to grow old and to die in God’s… Read More

The Wiyot lived in the Humboldt Bay area of Northern California and they live in my dreams. For about a year-and-half we made our home in Humboldt County, an area about 200 miles north of San Francisco on the far North Coast. It’s a place dense with redwood forests, wild rivers, and creeks that run dry in the summer and overflow in the winter. If you live in a rural area or grew up in one, you might… Read More