Opportunity Knocks for poets, writers, artists, and photographers: The BeZine, Diaphanous Micro, and YOPP! Voice

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

The Poet by Day: The current Wednesday Writing Prompt is still open for participation.  Poems on theme will be published next Tuesday.


The BeZine is published quarterly on the fifteenth of the month: March, June, September and December.

We suggest that you read our Intro and Mission Statement and at least one back issue of The BeZine before submitting work for possible publication.

Please be mindful that our core team (The Bardo Group Beguines), guest contributors and readers represent the world’s diversity. Nonviolence, respect, and inclusion are core values at The BeZine


  • fiction, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, essays, poetry, art and photography, cartoons, music videos, reviews and interviews, and documentary videos.
  • Feature articles should include sources.
  • Poems based on news should include sources if possible.


  • March: Waging the Peace (January 1 -February 20)
  • June: SUSTAINability (April 1- May 20)
  • September: Social Justice  (July 1 – August 20 / no simultaneous submissions in September)
  • December: A Life of the Spirit (October 1 – November 20)

PLEASE SEND SUBMISSION TO: bardogroup@gmail.com

  • Prose, poetry, and links to videos: submit in the body of the email
  • Photographs or artwork: submit as an attachment
  • By submitting work to bardogroup@gmail.com, you are confirming that you own and hold the rights to the work and that you grant us the right to publish on the blog or in the Zine if your submission is accepted.
  • Please include a three-hundred word bio in the email and – if you’re comfortable doing so – a photo as an attachment.


  • There are no themes for the blog except for poetry in April and climate action in September.
  • Submissions to the blog are open all year and reviewed on a rolling basis.


  • Occasionally we publish a unique issue and at the time of this writing we are considering an issue on disability for February.
  • We also host events, most notably Virtual 100,000 Poets and Others For Change on the fourth Saturday in September.

BEST PRACTICES: We have a strong interest in learning about peace, sustainability and social justice initiatives that are working no matter where in the world. These will be considered for both blog and Zine. We encourage work that doesn’t just define or highlight a problem but offers solutions, especially when those solutions are already in place somewhere, proving productive, and might reasonably be implemented elsewhere.

COPYRIGHT: You retain the copyright for work published in The BeZine.


  • Please let us know that you have submitted the work to other publications and advise us immediately when and if the work is accepted elsewhere. From our perspective this does not preclude publication but we need to know if another publisher has contracted for first-time or exclusive rights.
  • We do not accept simultaneous submissions in September.


  • Work that expresses distain for a specific person or group of people.
  • Work that advocates hate or violence.
  • Poetry with a complicated or eccentric layout.
  • Odd fonts.
  • Whole works in italics.
  • Prose or poetry submitted against a colored background.
  • Submitting more than three poems at a time.
  • Submitting more than once in any given month.

Work must be submitted in English and properly edited. Submissions in other languages are encouraged. Please forward with an English translation.

PAYMENT: We regret that we are unable to offer payment or editorial feedback. While we don’t offer payment, neither do we charge for submissions or subscriptions.

The BeZine is a volunteer effort with a peace and justice mission.

On behalf of The Bardo Group Beguines
and in the spirit of love (respect) and community,
Jamie Dedes, Founding and Managing Editor

Submission Guidelines updated: September 28, 2019

DIAPHANOUS MICRO, Krysia Jopek’s journal of literary and visual art,  is seeking to induct new members of the diaphanous micro family!; in search of VERY SHORT FICTION [under 750 words]: poetic fiction, hybrid, sequences of micro [under 50 words, each micro]. flash; VISUAL ART [digital and analog]: on the experimental / postmodern / non-representational spectrum, including collaborative text-based art, poem collages and videos; and EXPERIMENTAL POETRY: prose poetry, hybrid, line-break poetry that challenges the poet page as form; “open-field” poetics, etc. [forthcoming diaphanous micro 3.13 will feature the hinge poetry and hinge theory of Heller Levinson; 3.14, the ether-spiralism poetry and poetics of Heath Brougher along with his amazing asemic visual art!]

PLEASE NOTE: seeking more submissions from WOMEN [comitted to equitable gender representation; non-binary, encouraged as well] and INTERNATIONAL literary and visual artists, including literary texts in languages other than English, provided there are English translations.

Super excited about the upcoming issues of diaphanous micro! feeling very blessed to know so many talented writers and artists and to continue to meet new talent through [my diaphanous angels’] word of mouth.

If so inclined, please spread the word about the diaphanous open submission period now and, as always, keep sharing the the diaphanous love! almost 2,500 followers of this page! those interested can INVITE FRIENDS [all your facebook friends], to like the diaphanous micro page with one simple click! would love to hit 4k likes like Into the Void! gotta dream! Submission guidelines HERE.

YOPP! is a social justice blog dedicated to civil rights education, elevating voices of marginalized people, and reducing oppression through the publication of opinion pieces, media critiques, creative non-fiction, narratives, interviews, content reviews and recommendations, compilations of resources, opportunities to help others, advanced activism theory, humor, grief, empathy, Your Story. No submission fee.  Details HERE. Read an interview with Yopp! founder/editor/curator, Kella Hanna-Wayne:  Putting the “Active” in Activism

Jamie Dedes. I’m a freelance writer, poet, content editor, and blogger. I also manage The BeZine and its associated activities and The Poet by Day jamiededes.com, an info hub for writers meant to encourage good but lesser-known poets, women and minority poets, outsider artists, and artists just finding their voices in maturity. The Poet by Day is dedicated to supporting freedom of artistic expression and human rights.  Email thepoetbyday@gmail.com for permissions, commissions, or assignments.

About / Testimonials / Disclosure / Facebook

Recent and Upcoming in Digital Publications Poets Advocate for Peace, Justice, and Sustainability, How 100,000 Poets Are Fostering Peace, Justice, and Sustainability, YOPP! * The Damask Garden, In a Woman’s Voice, August 11, 2019 / This short story is dedicated to all refugees. That would be one in every 113 people. * Five poems, Spirit of Nature, Opa Anthology of Poetry, 2019 * From the Small Beginning, Entropy Magazine (Enclave, #Final Poems), July 2019 * Over His Morning Coffee, Front Porch Review, July 2019 * Three poems, Our Poetry Archive, September 2019

“Every pair of eyes facing you has probably experienced something you could not endure.”  Lucille Clifton

Opportunity Knocks: 11 Calls for Submissions and 3 Competitions

Davoser Café by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1928 / Public Domain

“But as Brillat-Savarin has correctly observed, coffee sets the blood in motion and stimulates the muscles; it accelerates the digestive processes, chases away sleep, and gives us the capacity to engage a little longer in the exercise of our intellects. It is on this last point, in particular, that I want to add my personal experience to Brillat-Savarin’s observations.” Honoré de Balzac, The Pleasures and Pain of Coffee [This links to the complete essay translated from the French.]

Of Note: 

Gwendolyn Brooks was born on this day in 1917: Celebrating American She-Poets (23): Gwendolyn Brooks, Journalist, Poet, living in the along …

Opportunity Knocks replaces Sunday Announcements. I post it when there are enough leads. Many leads are only announced on The Poet by Day Facebook Page.

Links to articles, events and news of interest to poets and writers are regularly published on The Poet by Day FaceBook Page.  

You are welcome (encouraged) to share your work and announcements on The BeZine Arts and Humanities Facebook Group Discussion Page

MARK YOU CALENDAR: SEPTEMBER 28, 2019 is 100,000 POETS FOR CHANGE, GLOBAL, 2019 and THE BeZINE 100,000 POETS FOR CHANGE VIRTUAL EVENT, hosted by Michael Dickel.  Look for updates on this site, The BeZine,  and at 100tpc.org

Join us for this week’s WEDNESDAY WRITING PROMPT, How to Be a Poet; poems submitted on theme in response to Wednesday Writing Prompt are posted the following Tuesday, making a lovely collection for poets and readers.   

“THE BeZINE” CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS thebezine.com is open for the upcoming June edition to be published on June 15, deadline June 10. This is an entirely volunteer effort, a mission. We are unable to pay contributors but neither do we charge for submissions or subscriptions. The theme is sustainability. We publish poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, feature articles, art and photography, and music videos and will consider anything that lends itself to online posting. There are no demographic restrictions. We do not publish work that promotes hatred or advocates for violence. All such will be immediately rejected. We’d like to see work that doesn’t just point to problems but that suggests solutions. We are also interested in initiatives happening in your community – no matter where in the world – that might be easily picked up by other communities. Please forward your submissions to bardogroup@gmail.com No odd formatting. Submit work in the body of your email along with a BRIEF bio. Work submitted via Facebook or message will not be considered for publication. We encourage you to submit work in your first language, but it must be accompanied by translation into English. / Jamie Dedes

THE BANGALOR REVIEW is a monthly digital magazine promoting literature, arts, culture, criticism, and philosophy through the publication of literary fiction, creative non-fiction, reviews, criticism, poetry and art. “If you happen to be in love with life and think that your words can generate a vision, send us a shout – we’ll probably like your work.” Submission fee. Honorarium to one contributor each quarter. Details HERE

THE FABULIST publishes fables, yearns, tales and fantastical very and art in both digital and print editions. Submissions close on Tuesday, June 10. Details HERE.

eFICTION INDIA publishes fiction, flash fiction, poetry, art, interviews and book reviews. It provides a few unique services: ad listings for writers, free ad listings for contributing writer, assistance with film distribution in accepted after review. No submissions fees except for the premium level (i.e., accelerated response) under Independent Film. Details HERE.

HIRAM POETRY REVIEW, Distinctive, witty, and heroic poetry since 1966 reads submission year-round. No submission fee. U.S. poets submit by snail-mail. International poets may submit by email.  Details HERE.

NEW OHIO REVIEW will open for submission of poems, short stories and essays on September 15.  Submission fee and discounted one-year subscription. Mark your calendar. Details HERE.

THE PASSED NOTE REVIEW is a digital publication offering fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and visual arts for young adults ages twelve through nineteen. This press also publishes shrt fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry for its blog. Details HERE.

POETS READING THE NEWS publishes unsolicited and original poetry and prose about current events from around the world and “encourages writers of all backgrounds to submit their writing, in particular writers of color, women writers, emergent writers, LGBTQI+ writers, and writers from regions near and far.” Submission fee. No payment. Details HERE.

POETS READING THE NEWS STONEWALL RIOTS POETRY CHALLENGE ends in a scant three days as of this posting.  It’s an ekphrastic challenge. No fee. No payment. Details HERE.

SNAIL MAIL NATURE TRAIL, Youth Art and Poetry, Nature Journal from Tiny Seed Literary Press focuses on post card submissions from children and youth. Cute! If you have young children, please do check it out HERE.

TINY SEED LITERARY JOURNAL focuses on nature and publishes short fiction, poetry, art, and photography by established and emerging writers & artists. Submissions for the fall issue (September publication) open July 15. Submission fee. 10% goes to Nature Conservancy. No payment. Details HERE.


University of Sydney, School of Literature, Art and Media:

THE HELEN ANNE BELL POETRY BEQUEST AWARD 2019 offers cash award and publication with Vagabond Press for a winning collection by an Australian Women over 18 years.  No entry fee. Closes August 2, 2019. Details HERE.

THE DAVID HAROLD TRIBE FICTION PRIZE 2019 offers a generous cash award to a writer living in Australia. Publication. No entry fee. Closes on August 2, 2019. Details HERE.

TIFERET JOURNAL, Fostering Peace Through Literature & Art has extended the closing date on this year’s contest to June 14. $1,500 will be awarded in prizes: $500 for the best poetry submission; $500 for the best short story (fiction); and, $500 for the best essay or interview (non-fiction. Entry fee. Details HERE.


Recent in digital publications: 
* Four poemsI Am Not a Silent Poet
* Remembering Mom, HerStry
* Three poems, Levure littéraire
Upcoming in digital publications:
“Over His Morning Coffee,” Front Porch Review

A homebound writer, poet, and former columnist and associate editor of a regional employment newspaper, my work has been featured widely in print and digital publications including: Ramingo’s Porch, Vita Brevis Literature, Connotation Press, The Bar None Group, Salamander Cove, I Am Not a Silent Poet, The Compass Rose and California Woman. I run The Poet by Day, an info hub for poets and writers and am the founding/managing editor of The BeZine.

“Every pair of eyes facing you has probably experienced something you could not endure.”  Lucille Clifton


SUNDAY ANNOUNCEMENTS: Calls for Submissions, Contests, and Other Information and News

“You will hear thunder and remember me,
And think: she wanted storms. The rim
Of the sky will be the colour of hard crimson,
And your heart, as it was then, will be on fire.”
Anna Akhmatova, The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova


I am formally affiliated with The BeZine (bardogroup@gmail.com) and The Poet by Day (thepoetbyday@gmail.com). Read guidelines below for The BeZine before submitting.  The Poet by Day is by invitation only except for participation in The Poet by Day/Wednesday Writing Prompt or if you have news for Sunday Announcements.

Please don’t send me submissions for other zines or magazines. The best I can do to help you get published is the info shared on this site, especially Sunday Announcements.

“Call for Submissions” means submissions through Submittable or via the magazine’s website or by eMail or snail mail. “Calls for Submissions” are NOT an invitation to telephone editors.

You’ll increase your odds of acceptance if you carefully read submission guidelines and one or two issues of a journal, zine or magazine to be sure that what you submit is appropriate and properly formatted. 

Good luck and write on … 


Opportunity Knocks

AFTER THE PAUSE publishes poetry, flash fiction and art online in March, June, September and December. Details HERE(Note: responds in ten days!!!) 

THE AMERICAN POETRY REVIEW publishes diverse poetry and literary prose (essays, book reviews, interviews). Editors read year-round. Submission fee: $3. Details HERE.

DRIFTWOOD PRESS publishes fiction, poetry, visual arts and comics, craft essays and interviews. Payment varies. Details HERE.

EUNOIA REVIEW publishes poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction and reads on a rolling basis. Reprints accepted if you retain rights. No submission fee and no payment. Details HERE.

GREY MATTER PRESS publishes dark fiction.  Though there is no current open call for submissions, you can get on an author notification list to receive call alerts HERE.

METAPHOROSIS MAGAZINE publishes stories with science fiction or fantasy settings of up to 10,000 words, though 1,000 – 6,000 is preferred. Payment: one cent per word. Details HERE. There is also an interest in cover art. Payment: $50. Details HERE.

MOON PARK REVIEW is currently reading stories to 750 words for its fifth issue to be published this fall. No deadline is offered. Details HERE.

THE PENN REVIEW of the University of Pennsylvania is on summer hiatus but expects to open for general submissions of poetry, nonfiction, fiction and visual art around September 1.  Mark your calendar to check them out HERE

The BeZine

Call for submissions for the September issue.

THE BeZINE, Be Inspired, Be Creative, Be Peace, Be. Submissions for the September issue – themed Social Justice – close on August 10 at 11:59 p.m. PDT .

Please send text in the body of the email not as an attachment. Send photographs or illustrations as attachments. No google docs or Dropbox or other such. No rich text. Send submissions to bardogroup@gmail.com.

Publication is September 15th. Poetry, essays, fiction and creative nonfiction, art and photography, music (videos or essays), and whatever lends itself to online presentation is welcome for consideration.

No demographic restrictions.

Please read at least one issue. We DO NOT publish anything that promotes hate, divisiveness or violence or that is scornful or in any way dismissive of “other” peoples. 

  • September 2018 issue, Deadline August 10th, Theme: Human Rights/Social Justice
  • December 2018 issue, Deadline November 10th, Theme: A Life of the Spirit

The BeZine is an entirely volunteer effort, a mission. It is not a paying market but neither does it charge submission or subscription fees.

Previously published work may be submitted IF you hold the copyright. Submissions from beginning and emerging artists as well as pro are encouraged and we have a special interest in getting more submissions of short stores, feature articles, music videos and art for consideration. 

The Poet by Day



Response deadline is Monday, July 2, at 8 p.m. PDT. All poems shared on theme will be published on this site on Tuesday, the July 3. Details HERE.


Opportunity Knocks

AMERICAN POETRY REVIEW/Honickman First Book Prize. Submit manuscripts between August 1 and October 31, 2018. Final judge is Sharon Olds. Submission fee: $25. Cash award and publication by Copper Canyon Press through Consortium. Details HERE.

FRONTIER POETRY SUMMER POETRY AWARD‘s deadline is pending: July 15. Entry fee: $20. First prize: $2,000 award and publication. Honorable mention: $100 and publication. Details HERE.

THE PENN REVIEW (University of Pennsylvania) is offering a newly established poetry prize and submissions are accepted through October 31. Entry fee: $10. Cash award. Details HERE.

SIXFOLD is offering fiction and poetry prizes. $5 entry fee. Cash award. Unique: Awards are based on writer votes. Deadline: July 24. Details HERE.


  • The latest issue of Levure littéraire/Magazine international d’information et d’éducaation culturelle HERE. It includes quite a number of poets and writers that you have met on this site. Three of my poems are HERE. Special thanks to Hélène Cardona and other members of the editorial board. Exquisite. Worth your time.
  • Words Without Borders (WWB) has been named a winner of the inaugural Whiting Literary Magazine Prizes, the Whiting Foundation announced today. The prizes recognize three magazines for their superb publishing, advocacy of writers, and importance to the literary community.
  • The poet Donald Hall recently passed away. HERE is an interview – A Poet’s View … – from NPR’s special series on poetry. It was done in 2012.

Donald Hall (Public Domain photograph)

“For 4 1/2 years now, I’ve hardly had a sad thought, except to curse a bit at my own clumsiness,” he says. “… I am physically handicapped, but I can sit at my chair and work at my writing, and I want to do it every day. I enjoy it. I have to do draft after draft. … It takes me a long time, but I love doing it, and I have to do it every day or I feel slack.” Donald Hall in the above referenced interview on NPR.

Accessible anytime from anywhere in the world:

  • The Poet by Day always available online with poems, poets and writers, news and information.
  • The Poet by Day, Wednesday Writing Prompt, online every week (except for vacation) and all are invited to take part no matter the stage of career or status. Poems related to the challenge of the week (always theme based not form based) will be published here on the following Tuesday.
  • The Poet by Day, Sunday Announcements. Every week (except for vacation) opportunity knocks for poets and writers. Due to other Sunday commitments, this post will often go up late in the day.
  • THE BeZINE, Be Inspired, Be Creative, Be Peace, Be – always online HERE.  
  • Beguine Again, daily inspiration and spiritual practice  – always online HERE.  Beguine Again is the sister site to The BeZine.

YOUR SUNDAY ANNOUNCEMENTS may be emailed to thepoetbyday@gmail.com. Please do so at least a week in advance.

If you would like me to consider reviewing your book, chapbook, magazine or film, here are some general guidelines:

  • send PDF to jamiededes@gmail.com (Note: I have a backlog of six or seven months, so at this writing I suggest you wait until June 2018 to forward anything.Thank you!)
  • nothing that foments hate or misunderstanding
  • nothing violent or encouraging of violence
  • English only, though Spanish is okay if accompanied by translation
  • your book or other product  should be easy for readers to find through your site or other venues.



PLEASE do not mix the communications between the two.

Often information is just thatinformation– and not necessarily recommendation. I haven’t worked with all the publications or other organizations featured in my regular Sunday Announcements or other announcements shared on this site. Awards and contests are often (generally) a means to generate income, publicity and marketing mailing lists for the host organizations, some of which are more reputable than others. I rarely attend events anymore. Caveat Emptor: Please be sure to verify information for yourself before submitting work, buying products, paying fees or attending events et al.


Poet and writer, I was once columnist and associate editor of a regional employment publication. I currently run this site, The Poet by Day, an information hub for poets and writers. I am the managing editor of The BeZine published by The Bardo Group Beguines (originally The Bardo Group), a virtual arts collective I founded.  I am a weekly contributor to Beguine Again, a site showcasing spiritual writers. My work is featured in a variety of publications and on sites, including: Levure littéraure, Ramingo’s PorchVita Brevis Literature,Compass Rose, Connotation PressThe Bar None GroupSalamander CoveSecond LightI Am Not a Silent PoetMeta / Phor(e) /Play, and California Woman. My poetry was recently read by Northern California actor Richard Lingua for Poetry Woodshed, Belfast Community Radio. I was featured in a lengthy interview on the Creative Nexus Radio Show where I was dubbed “Poetry Champion.”

* The BeZine: Waging the Peace, An Interfaith Exploration featuring Fr. Daniel Sormani, Rev. Benjamin Meyers, and the Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi among others

“Every pair of eyes facing you has probably experienced something you could not endure.” Lucille Clifton

SUNDAY ANNOUNCEMENTS: Calls for Submissions, Contests, Events and Other Information and News


Opportunity Knocks

RINKY DINK PRESS, Micropoetry for the People “is on a mission to get poetry back into the hands (and pockets) of the people – each of our single author collections can fit in your pocket, but we never sacrifice craft, and despite the tiny format, we refuse to sacrifice style.” $4 submission fee for book submission. Deadline: November 17.  Guidelines HERE.

THE CORTLAND REVIEW will consider poetry, prose, essays, translations and book reviews and will reopen for submissions in October. Check the site for updates.

DIRTY PAWS POETRY REVIEW is a fledgling with its first publication scheduled to debuted in December. The plan is biannual publication. The editors say they “want poetry unafraid of facing the truth and unashamed of having hope.” Submissions are open until November 15. Details HERE

FLARE literary journal is published by students in Flagler College [Florida] English Department and seeks poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art from anywhere in the U.S.  It is published once a year in the fall.  In the spring the publication goes online as a zine. Deadline: October 15.  Submission guidelines are HERE.

BREATH & SHADOW, A Journal of Disability Culture and Literature has demographic restrictions (disability and age/21) and accepts poetry, fiction and nonfiction. Modest payment on publication. Submission guidelines HERE.

KALEIDOSCOPE of United Disabilities Service of Akron is “magazine creatively focuses on the experiences of disability through literature and the fine arts.” Considers feature articles, fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, book reviews, and visual art.  Modest payment on publication. Submission guidelines HERE.

THE BeZINE submissions for the October 2017 issue – themed Music – are open and the deadline is October 10thSend submissions to me at bardogroup@gmail.com. Publication is October 15th. Poetry, essays, fiction and creative nonfiction, art and photography, music (videos or essays), and whatever lends itself to online presentation is welcome for consideration. Please check out a few issues first and the Intro/Mission Statement and Submission Guidelines. No demographic restrictions. We do not publish anything that promotes hate or violence.  The lead for the October issue is Sheffield poet and musician, John Anstie (My Poetry Library and 42).

CALLING ALL POETS, WRITERS, ARTISTS AND MUSICIANS: We need your most passionate work.

Heads-up on the November zine: The theme is Hunger, Poverty and Working-class Slavery. Deadline: November 10. 

CONSEQUENCE MAGAZINE, published once-a-year, is about to close its reading period.  End date: September 30. This magazine  – an independent not-for-profit – is devoted to women writing about the culture of war. Submit short stories, poetry, nonfiction, interviews, visual art, reviews, and translations. Modest payment. Demographic restrictions. Submisson guidelines HERE.

BACKBONE PRESS – “a small press with a big vision – is a venue for ethnic poets (African-American, Latino/a, Asian and others) invites “poetry, political, evocative, social, gritty … personal and poignant.” Both emerging and established poets are encouraged. Details HERE.


Opportunity Knocks

CONSEQUENCE MAGAZINE is currently accepting submissions for its 2017 Women [“and those identifying as women”] Writing War Award for fiction. $250 award. Entry fee: $10. Deadline October 1. Details HERE.

THE FAMILY NARRATIVE PROJECT invites submissions to its 2017 essay contest, themed “family” and defined broadly. 1,000 word limit. $10 entry fee. Cash prize $500. Deadline October 31, 2017. Details HERE.

THE SHARED DREAM CHAPBOOK CONTEST for immigrant poets sponsored by Backbone Press has a deadline of November 30th. No reading fee. Cash prize. Details HERE.

PHILLIP LEVINE PRIZE IN POETRY hosted by Anhinga Press and co-sponsored by California State University, Fresno is an annual book contest open to poets who are not current or former CSU, Fresno students. Entry fee $25 U.S. Award: $2,000 and publication. Deadline: September 30. Details HERE.


  • Worcestershire Poet Laureate hosts a team of poets to join a project at Hanbury Hall. Annually the Droitwich Arts Network (DAN) work with the team at Hanbury Hall (National Trust) to offer local artists a space to exhibit and sell work in the Long Gallery. October 11 – 29. Details HERE. “In the past, poets have been invited to choose art to create a poem from. ‘Fragile Houses’ included two ekphrastic poems from this event in 2014. Other years have seen poets create videos, display poetry. The possibilities are endless.”
  • WEDNESDAY WRITING PROMPT, weekly by The Poet by Day, offers the opportunity to get to know other poets, share your work and get published here. The prompt is theme-based not form-based. All are welcome to join in no matter the stage of your writing career.
  • SEPTEMBER 30 IS 100,000 POETS FOR CHANGE (100TPC): Peace, sustainability and social justice are the themes set for global 100TPC by cofounders Michael Rothenburg and Terri Carrion when the event was first started in 2011. I think the number of events scheduled at various places around the world is around 600 for 2017. To find or organize an event in your area link to 100TPC global HERE. I’ve also been posting announcements from around the world on The Poet by Day Facebook Page as they come in but you will find the most comprehensive and up-to-date info at 100TPC.
  • THE BeZINE 100,000 POETS AND FRIENDS FOR CHANGE (100TPC) virtual event: In honor of 100TPC annual global event, at The BeZine we are dedicating our September efforts to the interconnections/intersections of social justice, sustainability and peace and how each of these effects the others. On September 30 we invite our poetry community – including other types of artists, our readers and friends – to share their work on theme. Directions for virtual participation with be provided that day on The BeZine blog. No stress. It’s easy. Israeli-American poet, Michael Dickel (Meta/ Phor(e)/ Play), is Master of Ceremonies (a tradition). Creatives and poetry and art lovers will be joining in from all over the world. You’ll love it.Guaranteed. It will run for at least 24 hours, making it convenient for you to organize your other activities around this event.


  • Poet Linda Ibbotson for her engaging interview of Antonia Alexandra Klimenko HERE.
  • Michael Dickel (Meta/ Phor (e)/Play) for gifting us with a wonderful September issue of The BeZine
  • Eva Petropoylou Lianoy for the publication of her children’s book Adventures of Samurai Nonkasika available in Greece at
    Analogion – xylokastron, Adalakēs – xylokastron and other bookstores


YOUR SUNDAY ANNOUNCEMENTS may be emailed to thepoetbyday@gmail.com. Please do so at least a week in advance.

If you would like me to consider reviewing your book, chapbook, magazine or film, here are some general guidelines:

  • nothing that foments hate or misunderstanding
  • nothing violent or encouraging of violence
  • English only, though Spanish is okay if accompanied by translation
  • though your book or other product doesn’t have to be available through Amazon for review here, it should be easy for readers to find through your site or other venues.


Often information is just that information – and not necessarily recommendation. I haven’t worked with all the publications featured in Sunday Announcements or elsewhere on this site. Awards and contests are often a means to generate income and publicity for the host organizations, some of which are more reputable than others. I am homebound due to disability and no longer attend events. Please be sure to verify information for yourself before submitting work, buying products, paying fees or attending events et al.

Affiliate Links Disclosure:
Some product links within posts are Amazon affiliate links. The Poet by Day is supported in part by these links. Your use of them costs you nothing and helps to keep this site running. When you click on an affiliate link (not all links are affiliate) and/or make a purchase I sometimes receive a small percentage of the purchase price. Thank you for your support.