I am disabled but not unable.  Thanks to medical technology, fabulous and caring physicians, family support, social support (both online and off) and computer technology, I continue with my chosen career, my chosen causes and a life that is as full and engaging as anyone could hope. Now, I’ve discovered The Mighty (details in the video below) thanks to my Bardo Group Beguines colleague, Lana Phillips. What a great find! A wonderful idea, essentially an online… Read More

For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), American journalist and author That’s Hemingway’s shortest story according to an oft told and often disputed tale. Hemingway was allegedly challenged to write a story in six words (some accounts say ten) to win a wager. To be a story, it had to have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  The anecdote probably is a fabrication. At any rate, I rather like… Read More

It is – unfortunately – not news that in some places (including First World countries) children and adults dig through trash cans or garbage dumps looking for something to eat or for cast-off goods that might be used or sold. There is no story, however, that quite compares to that of the Egyptian Zabbaleen or “garbage people” for sheer industry and inventiveness. From the 1940s these people ran 120 micro-enterprises that collected and recycled Cairo’s garbage…. Read More