A fish with a feline-sized appetite … A strip poker swindling bear … A land where all the letters of the alphabet spell well together… A man with an uncanny photographic ability … And (of course) a candy store in space. MORE [BIG DOODLE HEAD]

When Aleza Freeman (author) and Howard Freeman (illustrator) put their heads and their talents together after the birth of their son, Evan, there was another birth in the family: a publishing company, Big Doodle Head with a cute book of poems and drawings for “kids & the kid at heart”, Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy.

Some readers here will recognize Aleza as one of the poets in our online poetry community. She’s a former official of Jingle Poetry, which sponsored Poetry Potluck. (That effort has transitioned now to The Gooseberry Garden, sponsoring the weekly Poetry Picnic.)

Aleza says,  “As new parents, Howard and I set out to create a book that our son will love, not only now, but even as he grows older. We hope our book sparks the imagination of all who read it, or at the very least makes them smile. Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy is an edgy 36-page full-color paperback for young readers. It features twelve quirky poems with drawings encouraging imagination, friendship, tolerance and general silliness.”

Here’s one sample from the book:


Just kickin’ it

in my mother’s womb.

Been here some time.

I’ve run out of room.


The accommodations

are all-inclusive,

comfy, snuggly,

and exclusive.


The days passed by

I grew and grew

now nine months later

I’m almost due.


Though it’s quiet and

warm and cozy inside, 

it’s time to prepare 

for a wild ride.

© 2011 Big Doodle Head, LLC

Aleza says that Big Doodle Head is just getting started. She and hubby Howard are working on several more books and a musical soundtrack.

Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy is available from online retailers including Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com.


Among the features is
my review of
Jane Hershfield’s
Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry


  1. Thank you for the beautiful article, Jamie, and thank you everyone for your comments! Howard and myself are thrilled to have such wonderful support for Big Doodle Head!

    And for anyone who is interested, we are offering a 20% discount on the book through October 31. Just visit http://tinyurl.com/CandyStoreGalaxy and enter discount code: NH6VDXGT


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